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Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov
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Mar 19, 2011

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The second of the first Foundation trilogy, Foundation and Empire was originally published in 1952. Originally published as two novellas in Astounding Science Fiction, “The General” and “The Mule” cover the next two periods when the Foundation receives its first full-force attacks.

In “The General,” the Galactic Empire is well on its way to its inevitable end, but under the command of General Bel Riose, an attack is planned against the Foundation. Bel Riose has gone mad with power and will stop at nothing to obliterate the Foundation, somehow believing they are behind the fall of the empire. He amounts huge forces if armored gunships with plans wipe the Foundation from the galaxy. But one man from the Foundation knows about this, and he also knows knowledge is power, and since the Foundation is soon as that which has all the knowledge, he knows Bel Riose can be stopped, so long as he gets to the Emperor before the general attacks.

In “The Mule,” the Galactic Empire has fallen into a selection of barbaric kingdoms, while the Foundation has become strong and powerful, but also full of corruption, composed of approximately thirty outer planets. But there is corruption within the ranks and things are stirring within the Foundation’s empire. Meanwhile there is a new leader who has rise, an enigmatic mutant known as “The Mule,” who has only known scorn and suffering and is a hardened creature who respects no one, but he also has the ability to read and control people’s emotions. It is up to two Foundation citizens, Toran and Bayta Darell, along with the Foundation’s only psychologist, Ebling Mis, and a strange, refugee clown “Magnifico Giganticus,” to search for the Second Foundation, set up by Hari Seldon originally when the Foundation was created, and stop this “Mule.”

Originally written on February 5, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.

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