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Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning
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Jul 01, 2011

really liked it
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Recommended for: Rocker fans, erotica fans
Read from March 29 to 30, 2011 , read count: 1

NOTE : Just found Backstage Pass won both Best First Book & Best Long Erotic Romance at RomCon Reader's Crown 2011 !! Yay! You go Olivia! And Sinners Rock!!!


Believe me, so read this review at your own risk, and I hope you open-minded enough after read my review.

I'm rarely reading erotica before, especially full length erotica novel (usually I read novella), but this title catching my attention

So, Backstage Pass is story about a rocker band,Sinners . For you that want to know what they look alike.....


And yeah, even though they just a fictional band, they have their own website!! (so brilliant, bow down to the author, Olivia Cunning!!)

You can see their website at here : Sinners on Tour

Backstage Pass told the story about Brian Sinclair, or Master Sinclair, lead guitar and composer of Sinners. Here he is :

Oh, he's so hot!
Wondering what he can do with his wonderful finger, not just playing guitar, but give pleasure to woman

The heroine is Myrna, a professor. Not just your usual professor, her concentration is "Human Sexuality". So when she meet Sinners, while she attending conference at hotel, is like dreams come true (she is fans of them). And when she offering to help Brian,Brian then know when he make love to Myrna, he can write and compose a new music,something that he no longer do. So he decided that Myrna is his muse, and the attraction begin. (I think I will happily to replace Myrna, she so lucky to have Brian *sigh*)

Just wanna say, this book is full erotica content. (view spoiler)

But, when I think I can't handle this after reading a first half part, there are some part that make me want to continue to read. Like Brian and Myrna "real" first date (yes real, they're so busy having sex like bunnies before), some LOL moment (don't want to spoil for you), and when Myrna help Brian and his father understand each other. Just when Myrna realize Brian is important and she love him, her past is back and haunting her again...

Oh, I really love Sinners!!! If you can put aside erotica content, you will know about rocker life. Each member is unique! Brian with his inferiority, both to Sed and to his parent. Sed, the vocalist and Sinners leader, oh so annoying, and alpha jerk, a womanizer to the bone, but he has reason why he act like asshole. Jace, the bassist, the sweet cute Jace, youngest member, but has masochism fetish. Eric,drummer, the comic relief at this book, his act make me laugh and want to punch him at the same time. And Trey, oh Trey, how I sympathize for him . I hope he find his own happiness. ( I love when he want Myrna cooking for the band, and he said "Pweaseee..")

And I'm enjoy the relationship between Brian and Myrna, Brian is beta hero, and while he demanding at bed, he's so sweet, make me want to hug him ^_^. Brian is my big teddy bear!! Myrna is older than Brian, so she always afraid Brian will leave her to another younger woman, but Brian feeling to Myrna is final, so it depend to Myrna to letting go her past and accept Brian as her lover.

Can't wait to read the 2nd book Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #2) by Olivia Cunning.. About Sedric Lionheart, aka Sed, the vocalist. Oh, yes, I'm Sinners fans now!

NB : The pic that I put at this review is courtesy of Sinners Web :)
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message 1: by Sienny (new)

Sienny ren.. mirip kaikan phrase ya.. ini manga, bukan novel. uda baca?

message 2: by Ren (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ren Kaikan Phrasenya Mayu Shinjo? Aku ga suka Mayu Shinjo, jyakaka :D

Lagian tuh cewenya masih SMU, disini cewenya lebih tua dari cowonya :P

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R WOW! That's is one Smokin Hot review! ahahaha...Love the pics and smilies!

message 4: by Ren (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ren Aww, thanks Elena !!
I love to put smileys at my review, it's show my feeling when I read the book ^_^... All Sinners member are hot, eh? :D

Dewi Read ren..adakah ibuknya? menarik bener nih :p

message 6: by Loveliest (new) - added it

Loveliest Evaris Awesome.. Your monkeys and emoticons make me smile ^_^ .. Totally gonna read this, you adults can't stop me!!

Funzee Shu Cakep bener si Brian yo,Ren....... --» tunjuk2 pic nya
Demen gw.....
Gw naksir Brian ama Trey !!!! \(^o^)/
Wkt Trey blg "Pweeeeaaseeeee" rasanya pen tak cuddle2,"̮♡hϱ♡hϱ♡hϱ♡"̮
Gemeeeesssh !!!!!

message 8: by Ren (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ren Funzee wrote: "Cakep bener si Brian yo,Ren....... --» tunjuk2 pic nya
Demen gw.....
Gw naksir Brian ama Trey !!!! \(^o^)/
Wkt Trey blg "Pweeeeaaseeeee" rasanya pen tak cuddle2,"̮♡hϱ♡hϱ♡hϱ♡"̮
Gemeeeesssh !!!!!"

Hahaha iya Fun, emang cakep ^^. Aku juga awalnya naksir Brian dan Trey, tapi abis baca yang buku kedua, langsung jadi suka semua membernya.

Tante Olivia emang juara kalau bikin erotika ;D

Funzee Shu Gw suka sama smua membernya.....
Suka eric jg.....eric tuh lucu banget,ngekek aja kl dia jedot2in kepalanya itu,kocak,"̮♡hϱ♡hϱ♡hϱ♡"̮

Pokoke tante OLivia keren sangat deh....
Jd penulis eroro fave gw jg nih (⌒˛⌒)

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