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The Darkling Thrush by Josh Lanyon
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Nov 27, 2012

it was amazing

Ebook and Audiobook reviews

Librivenator, librireddo, Vox pessimeres, veneficus...

I so love the vocabulary in this book!

Our 23 year old librivenator is so adorable in his youth and errors and naivete! Mix this with good looks, intelligence and self-deprecating humour and you've got someone I want to hear more about.

I would like to know how the relationship between Bliss and Marx evolves. They live in different countries, Bliss is doing an exchange program when they meet. Will Bliss stay in England?

God, I would like to hear more about them. About Marx first, because the book was mostly about Bliss. Marx is strange and strong and mysterious and has a questionable job in my opinion. I would like to know how he deals with doing what he does for a living (I won't tell what ... spoiler) and having a good conscience (He appears a bit self-righteous in the book, so I suppose he feels good about himself and his job).

I did not agree with Marx decision at the end of the book because of Briggs knowledge of the location... (cryptic comment, hum? that's for those who have read the book).

I hope there will be many sequels with more strange hunts and strange latin-like names. Marx seems so mysterious and powerful! I want to see him on a hunt! That could be amazing! And Bliss accompanying him, displaying all his (newfound?) abilities and making a few more errors of judgement... Yum!

I just luuuuv this book.


Audiobook review (Narrator Max Miller)

This book has such a wonderful vocabulary I wanted to hear someone pronouncing the words. I also wanted to hear all the Brit accents. Well, the narrator of this audiobook is fantastic!!! He changes his voice and his accent so many times it's freaking amazing: American, London, Scottish! I like how he impersonates women, how he sings the gaelic song, how his voice really varies from one character to another... I find Bliss voice exactly like I pictured it. That's how audiobooks should be: not the narrator simply reading the book, but actually impersonating the characters. This was as good as listening to a good song.
PS: I really think audiobooks should be listed separately because it's not only the quality of the story that counts, the performance of the narrator does too.

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willaful For another astonishing performance, I highly recommend the audio of Good Omens.

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