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Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
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Mar 16, 2011

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If you're like me, a self-confessed occasional book elitist, and you think you might be too good for this book because you've seen the cover and read the back and assumed, quite naturally, that this is akin to Twilight...well, you're wrong.

It's not the greatest of YA series. You won't sit there catching your breath at the end absorbing the surge of emotions swirling within you. In fact, there's really nothing that extraordinary about this story.

But. It does not deserve to be lumped together with Twilight and its like as I think it sometimes is simply because its shares similar ingredients: young excitable girls susceptible to young mysterious guys, good vampires vs bad vampires, other cool supernatural elements.

The writing is good. What really sold me were the characters - as always. That is what will always matter to me the most. The plot and everything else, whatever else there is, would have to be remarkable for me to love it if the characters suck. I'd still finish it but I won't rave about it. The characters is the pulse of a book. Isn't that what its all about? Storytelling? We have to be able to relate and connect with characters because that's precisely why we're listening in the first place...to learn more about ourselves?

Okay, I'm getting way too philosophical. Yes, I am. Because this book isn't really that kind of book. It doesn't make you look at yourself and reflect and re-evaluate. Well, maybe to some. Who am I to dictate how anything should be received? Its all relative. After all, I got all worked up by the Gemma Doyle series (I just really, really, really loved the books!) And many would say they're just okay (I think they're amazing!)

But I also don't want to sound like the book has nothing substantial to offer. It really makes the reader think about duty and the true weight of that concept. Also, how far would we go to protect our loved ones and what does it really mean to "put others before yourself." I say it really is quite a good book.

Anyway, my point was: you won't hate these characters. I quite loved them actually. Rose and Lissa are funny, loyal, witty, sometimes reckless but never stupid in the way Bella Swan or Nora Gray are...sorry to point fingers but there you go. Point, point, point.

The plot is also interesting though I thought it could've been more dramatic. But there are 6 books, I believe? So I guess its just taking its time for the real action to begin.

That's okay, I can wait. I've already queued the rest of the series. Yes, I'll be reading the rest - ungrudgingly (I made that word up but doesn't it sound like a real one?)

I give it somewhere between a 3.5 and a 4.

Like, a 3.7.
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