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Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward
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Feb 15, 2008

it was amazing
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Recommended to Daisiemae by: All of my friends here. They have such great taste!
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Amazing. Do these books keep getting better? I was warned by Mom that I would need some tissues with this one. She was right.
I can't say that Zsadist is my favorite brother. I love his tormented soul. He past to finding his way back from the darkness in his soul to the light was a emotional rollercoaster for me. The amount of abuse he endured was heartbreaking. I definately thought that he had found his "shellan" with Bella, they are so well matched.
Bella is another heroine I actually liked. From her unbelievable patience with him to her inner-strength she has as a woman...er vampire I really liked her. I found myself rooting for her to get her man. I thought she and Zsadist were so well written and perfect for one another.
I have to say that the backstory in this book is so interesting. Watching the brothers endure personal loss and develop their own strengths is spellbounding.
I have to say that when the deaths of...well I won't spoil that, broke my heart.
Phury's inner torment has me so intrigued....and actually one of my favorite characters is John. I have a feeling there is more to him that meets the eye. I think they deserve some happiness.
I still liked Rhage the best...whew what a man! Wrath is right up there too...although I now have a pretty special place in my heart for Zsadist...he deserved his happy ending...and I am so glad he found it with Bella.

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Julianna It's so unusual to find a hero and heroine who are both so compelling and perfect for each other. I think Zsadist and Bella are my favorite couple next to Jamie and Claire from Outlander. They get a wonderfully romantic scene in the next book that I thought really underscored their happy ending.

I agree Phury is fabulous and John is one of my favorite characters too. And yes, those deaths were absolutely heartbreaking and shocking too. At this rate you're going to get to Lover Unbound before I do, but your reviews have me impatiently waiting to read it and equally impatiently waiting for Lover Enshrined to come out. Alas, I have some library books to finish first, but I can't complain too much because the one I'm reading now is just wonderful.;)

Daisiemae Mom,
You said it perfectly. Like you, I have so many books I should be reading, but for me once I get on a roll like this, I just can't stop until I am done.
I wonder how many books are going to be written for this series? I wonder how far she will go with it? I do hope that John has his own. There is definately more to him that meets the eye.
I am going to start Lover Revealed tonight. Probably won't get much sleep again, but heck sleep is overated...hee hee

Auntee Daisiemae,
It's hard, isn't it? Just when you think you've got a favorite, along comes another 'brother'! I must confess I'm partial to Rhage, too!
There's at least a couple more books coming out as far as I know (Rehvenge and someone else, I can't remember now) but I hear they're going to be hardbacks.
If you go to the J.R. Ward BDB group here at goodreads, you'll find all the info.
And keep going--I loved Butch's story too! :D

Julianna I'm not sure how many books she has planned for the whole series. I have heard rumors though that Rehvenge is next. I agree that John definitely needs his own book. I have thought he was a fascinating character ever since he first appeared. I just don't know how J.R. Ward manages to create so many great guys who are so very different on many levels, yet so very appealing. It's a mystery to me.;)

Get ready for the beginning of some major world shifts in Lover Revealed. Butch and Marissa's romance isn't always front and center like in the other books. V gets lots of attention too, but I thought it only made him more intriguing. If only I could loose a little sleep, I'd probably be reading right along with you, but unfortunately I'd be completely impossible to live and non-functioning to boot. Now I know how all you gals are so far ahead of me. While you're all in romance land, I'm being boring and snoozing away.;) Hee, hee

Christel ok After Phury, BDB Compendium, Rhevenge, and in no particular order, John Matthew, Thorment. But the series is open ended. Ward has not said how many books there will be. So we know of 5 right now and I think there was some talk of Qhinn, Blay and V's Sister "Payne" with a book. But that is on the message boards on her website.
Oh yes I do agree sleep is overated, I got to bed last night at 4:30 this morning and I have Julie (Mom) to blame. But the book was soo good!!

Julianna Christel,
So glad to be of assistance in helping you loose sleep.

Holy moly though! I probably couldn't even stay awake until 4:30 and if by some miracle I did, I would have to sleep until noon the next day. If only my poor body didn't crave so much sleep, I might actually be able to make a dent in my TBR list.;)

message 7: by Laura (new)

Laura Yup, Phury's book comes out June 3. And then, in case you don't know, the BDB is going hardcover. Bummer, I know. The news broke a few months ago, and fans have been wailing ever since. Rhevenge will be next and the first hardcover. I'm just so glad Phury's book will be mass market, because he is my fav of the BDB, and I would hate to have to wait longer to read his story. It's going to be bad enough to wait to read Ash's book (Dark-Hunter series) when it comes out in hardcover in August.

BTW, Shellie, you will love Kenyon's Dark-Hunter and Dream-Hunter series. I actually like them better than the BDB, even though I am a big fan of the BDB.

Laura Stamps
Author of Paranormal Romance and Erotica Novels
http://www.LauraStamps.blogspot.com (to read excerpts from my novel series)

Daisiemae Laura,
Awwww....I am not a fan of hardcover books. I would think that would effect the sales of the book also. So many people can't (or won't) buy a hardcover book because it is too expensive. I am interested in your take about that as an author yourself.
Plus, I am curious why you like the Dream Hunter series better. Do you like the heroes better? Better storyline? Heroines? I am anxious to start them soon:)
Thanks for letting me pick your brain.

message 9: by Laura (new)

Laura Hi, Shellie--

Pick my brain any time!! You know me...I'm easy. *big smile*

Yeah, it's a real bummer. I'm one of those who only buy paperbacks because I read so many books during the year, so it means I have to wait longer to read a fav author.

As an author I can tell you this is a money decision made by the publisher based on sales figures. They put an author in hardcover whom they feel has a fan base so addicted to their novels that they will pay three times more for them in hardcover. It is a gamble that makes most authors cringe in fear, and fuels countless nightmares and sleepless nights. It works for some and for others it is a disaster. IMO it is not a good move for romance novels, because our fans are used to buying at paperback prices, since we consume books like food every day. I'm sure Ward will do well, but her fan base will change because of it. I know many of her fans (including me) will wait for the paperback to come out. Others will get her books at the library. Ward will stand to make more money in royalties from hardcover, so I hope it works out for her.

Hmm. I like the Dark Hunters series by Kenyon better for many reasons. First Kenyon is an awesome writer. She writes tight, mostly in dialogue, and her plots are very romantic as well as suspenseful. I like her sex scenes much better than Ward's. Kenyon's have a feminine edge to them I like, whereas Ward's are more masculine and just don't make my heart flutter like Kenyon's do.

The Dark-Hunter world is fascinating as well. In fact there is a big book dedicated just to her series called "The Dark Hunter Companion." Ash is the main guy in charge of the Dark Hunters. He is an Atlantean god who is over 10,000 years old. And what a yummy guy! Tall (maybe 7 feet, great bod, long hair...the color depends on his mood). Mostly his hair is black, and he dresses in Goth wear...black leather, chains, totally yummy! He can be very alpha but has a soft, compassionate heart like Phury. He and the goddess Artemis (who is a nasty person) created the Dark-Hunters. What happens is when a good man is killed unjustly and cries out for revenge he is given the chance to become a Dark-Hunter (a daemon fighter). He will live forever and is given the chance (24 hours) to seek revenge on his murderers. Some do, and some don't. So you have Dark Hunters who are more than 1000 years old, and some who are just a few hundred years old (men and women). Roman generals, Celtic warriors, you name it. All were betrayed and died unjustly.

In each novel they find a mate. There are also Dream-Hunters and Weres. They all mingle and travel from book to book. So it is very important to read this series in order. For example you will find Julian from "Fantasy Lover" coming into many of the Dark-Hunter and Dream-Hunter novels (there are over 20 now). The main base for the DH is New Orleans. The Dark-Hunters and Dream-Hunters are yummier I think. The heroines are more fully developed than in the BDB. And they travel from novel to novel too.

It's a wonderful world, and I will be very interested to know what you think about it when you start this series. It is totally addicting. Okay, you've been warned! *grin*

Laura Stamps
Author of Paranormal Romance and Erotica Novels
http://www.LauraStamps.blogspot.com (to read excerpts from my novel series)

Susanna ****Possible Spoiler***
My fab book so far!!!! Just wanted to say that it's pretty obvious who John is......or who he was and why he is back(even though he can't remember)........hint hint his daughter might be the Kings Wife :-)

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