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Maximum Warp by Dave Galanter
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Mar 16, 11

really liked it
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Read in March, 2011

As anyone who has read more than a few of my reviews knows, I ALWAYS complain about a book that is missing either a beginning or an ending; I don't mind multi-part stories, so long as they have enough of a minor conclusion that they can, in fact, be read individually, even if a major plot-thread remains to be completed in the second book. (For example, most of the Harry Potter books had an internal plot that was completed within the book, even if the ongoing storyline remained unresolved; similarly, the Narnia books can all be read as individual stories, even though there is a continuing thread throughout.) But what I DO truly hate are books that follow the pattern of the old-fashioned movie serials: a cliffhanger ending, followed by "to be continued". This book does in fact suffer from this flaw, which is why I've only rated it at four stars; that is my only real complaint with it. If you like "tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel" stories, then feel free to consider this a five-star review. And to be fair, it at least didn't feel that there was padding to make the story long enough to stretch to two books; I can't suggest anything that could have been cut, and the book is long enough (although just barely) that I suppose it would have been hard to fit between two covers.

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