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Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood
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Apr 28, 2012

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Dear Cate,

Let's talk, you and me. We're both women, we'll definitely have no problem finding at least one topic to find common ground in. We started off as friends, you and I. I quite understood and empathized with the horror you felt concerning the chauvinistic bastards who organized themselves as the Brotherhood and whose main aim was to ensure that women did not move out of their place in the supposed "natural" order of things. I was quite disgusted and I dare say, felt your anger at the crimes constantly perpetrated against women. I felt your pain as you tried to be a mother to your sisters, one of whom needed a good slap that you managed to restrain yourself from giving. And the freedom of the Arab girls? So clever. I enjoyed a chuckle though I don't know if that was what was intended. Anyway, we were good friends.

Until you started being annoying. This was due to two main things. Two main people. Two boys. I feel bad for Paul. I really do. First there is a flashback where I am led to believe that Paul holds more meaning to you than he apparently does. My bad. His arrival is heralded with a lot of fanfare and anticipation and I thought I'd hold your hand and squeal as your heart palpitated. I guess not. Of course he's handsome and totally in love with you despite other girls wanting him oh so badly. Unfortunately, you have a thing for the gardener. Finn. Who seems perfectly nice but if you have a thing for him, why the heck do you lead on Paul? Why do you promise not to marry anyone else, explicitly mind you, and then in the next chapter, you are oh so blithely agreeing to marry Finn. Why do you do that, Cate? That's not cool. This "best friend" of yours, Paul, surely deserves more than the shoddy treatment you insist on giving him.

But Cate, I think our relationship failed entirely when you continued not doing anything even in the face of annihilation. What is the point, I ask you, of having so much power when you are standing there, doing nothing and waiting for the bad guys to win. And the Sisterhood? Psht. I actually admire them more than I admire you. At least they use the agency they have to do shit that is actually bigger than them. You are selfish, Cate, and the ending is supposed to make me empathize with you? It didn't. It just made me roll my eyes a lot more at the insistence on pathos in a series that really could have been organized into something that flowed on its own. Because Cate, as you waffle and wibble about true love and all the sacrifices you are making, you are being forced to make, there are other girls, some even the ages of your own sisters, who are being killed, yes Cate, that means not alive anymore, while you bemoan the fact that you have to actually think beyond yourself. Yes, I realize there's no one as important as you are, not even the two unlikely witches who mind you are cooler than you, but when you are the heroine of a novel, you gotta do shit to be shit, like say, I dunno, Katniss does for Primrose? If you had to be Katniss, you'd never volunteer because what if that vixen to whom you sell beavers (or something) stole Gale while you were away fighting for your life? So for all the proselytizing you do about doing anything (ANYTHING) for your sisters, you don't actually do anything. You are forced to which is a markedly different from volunteering to. So Cate, you fail.

And that's why, Cate, you and I part ways and I don't think we are ever going to resurrect our relationship. It's a shame but I did so enjoy the pretty cover you appeared in. Here's hoping you grow some balls in the sequels. Not that I'll be around to witness it.

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