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Forever Princess by Meg Cabot
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Mar 15, 11

Read in March, 2011

Great book. :)


I knew from the start who Mia would end up with. All her friends were supportive but it got on my nervs alittle how they should listen to Mia's perspective and not just setting it out for her. Maybe that's why she has to continously *didnt know how to spell that* lie to her friends because sometimes they aren't very supportive of her besides Tina and Micheal who actually, truly cares about her.
And Mia's boyfriend ohmybuddha he's soooo annoying in my opinion! He tells Mia he loves her and all that but there something not right between them, besides the fact that Mia doesn't even feel comfortable telling him the truth.
Hes just ughhh how do I say this? Well whenever they are together all he cares to talk about is about so stupid play and complain about the actors and like his reaction when Mia told him the truth his reaction was ridcoulous. And he doesn't even bother asking her to go the prom with him! Like I know they're going out and all but he should ask still because even Mia didnt know like what the!! Does he even bother asking his girlfriend how she is and all when they go on their dates. And he agrees with everything Mia says, suggest and do. Like are you serious that is what some girls want but Mia is not that type its just not what a relationship is like.

So basically I really hate J.P since I've been ranting on him alot LOOOL
I loved everthing about this book besides J.P thats why I couldnt give this book a full 5 stars because J.P irritated me too much!
Overall its a nice chick flick I guess for spring break!


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