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Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr
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May 12, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, urban-fantasy, young-adult

While I enjoyed the story, it is cumbersome.
In this YA Urban Fantasy we have the Winter Queen (Beria) versus Summer King (Keenan)with a human girl caught between the two in their struggle for power. When the Winter Queen defeated the old Summer King there was a spell laid on the power of the new Summer King, one that could only be overcome, and bring the Summer King into full power, by a human girl. That human girl would have to agree to pick up the Winter Queen's staff, of her own volition, to either become the Summer Queen, or to "carry the Winter Queen's chill until the next mortal risks this"(meaning that she would stop being human and become fey, and she would never be warm again until she was replaced). It's never really defined who that girl would be or why she would be special, or how the Summer King could know who she would be (although he's "dreamed of her. She's the one". We don't know how many human girls he's seduced with his glamour, or how many of those have refused to attempt to pick up the staff. We do find out that there are a number of "summer girls", we don't get to meet the summer girls or find out more about them besides the fact that they become "play things" for the Summer King and the males of the summer court.
We do get to meet and come to know Donia who was the last human to believe in and love Keenan enough to pick up the staff. Besides carrying the Queens chill, Donia is compelled to try and convince Keenans next love not to take up the staff, even though she'll never lose the Queens chill until another girl does pick up the staff.
Keenan has set his eye's and hopes on the next human girl as his queen. Aislinn is an unusual girl. She has "the sight", she's been able to see the Fey all her life, and all her life she's been trained by her grandmother how to act, how to control her emotions so that the Fey don't know that she can see them. This is going to make things harder for Keenan, his glamour won't work easily on her and he needs his queen in order to defeat the Winter Queen.
Aislinn is a girl who, at first, comes across as someone who's just barely holding on to her sanity after struggling day after day to ignore the Fey, how they look and act and at times torment each other. All of which she can see but can't let them know she can, or they'll torment her. But her struggles have also given her strength which will prove important in the times ahead. Besides her strength, her growing love for Seth will prove important to the outcome.
Part of the outcome seems to have been determined from the first time Keenan and Asilinn talked (which isn't explained we're just supposed to accept it?). After Keenan had approached her, even though she walks away, Kennan say's "I've dreamed about her. She's the one. And with that Asilinn's mortality began to fade".
Mellisa Marr uses wonderfully descriptive language, especially when talking about the Fey. Even Asilinn, who has been trained from birth to ignore the Fey, when she comes near the Summer King say's "she could smell wildflowers, could hear the rustle of willow branches, as if she were sitting by a pond on one of those rare summer days". It's a good story wonderfully written.

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