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Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
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A solid outing into the world of steampunk from the author of the Uglies series. Set in WWI Westerfield's vision pits the traditional machines of steampunk against the invented life forms of gene manipulation. The former are used by the Clankers, the Central Powers of WWI, the later are those of the Entente.

In this world we meet Alex, the sole heir to Franz Ferdinan, yes, that Franz Ferdinan, who is suddenly thrust into the world of politics when his parents are murdered. He flees to Switzerland with a small group of tutors and loyal retainers.

On the British side, we meet Deryn, a young woman who desperately wants to be an airman. The only problem, girls are not allowed. So Daryn becomes Dylan and joins the air service, working as a midshipman on the flagship of the British air service, Leviathan.

Their two worlds collide when the Leviathan crashes in the valley where Alex is hiding. Both young people are pulled into the murk that is WWI.

Westerfield has created a masterful tale that weaves together history and an inventive twist on steampunk. He has once again proven that he is one of the most interesting science-fiction authors out there today.

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