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Mar 15, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: m-m, kindle-ebook, romantic-suspense
Read on March 15, 2011

PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE tell me there will be more to this series!

I LOVED this book! I love J.X. and Kit. I loved the story. I laughed so many times. But holy cow I did NOT see that ending! Once Kit figured it out I said, Oh OK, now I see it. But I really didn't before then. I don't know if it's because I was focused elsewhere or that I'm just never good at solving the mystery. I'm no slueth. :)

Anyway, this was a great story and a great addition to this series! HIGHLY recommend.
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Heather C So are you liking this one?

Norma I'm LOVING it! Some of the funniest one-liners too.

"He scopped up Victoria practically before she hit the ground, well within the five-second rule. If she'd been a potato chip, he could have still eaten her. Not something I particularly wanted to contemplate."

I love the way Kit's mind works! Cracks me up! I have to go back and find the quote about librarians wearing glasses to bed. That made me laugh too.

Heather C Lmao. I highlighted so many lines in that book. I posted a few but I would have never finished if I tried to post them all!

Norma I really wish I had time to sit down and read it through w/o stopping! I get mad everytime I have to put it down! It's so good!

Heather C Well that's a good thing!

Norma It never occurs to me to use the highlight feature. I dont think I ever have. I do tend to go back and bookmark, but I never remember to do that while I'm in the middle of a scene I know I'll want to read again either. I should really start doing that!

Heather C I bookmark the steamy stuff and highlight my favorite lines

Norma I do tend to bookmark the steam and the tender moments. I just went back and highlighted a few lines that i enjoyed in this. I'll have to make a note somewhere saying, "Heather C reminded me to use the highlight feature"

Heather C Lol. I thought I posted more than that!!! The hospital scene was my favorite!

Norma I loved the hospital scene. Where JX kisses it all better. AAAWWWWWWW. *sigh*

Heather C Lol. I am good for something at least!

Norma LOL Hey, be glad you are good for something. Could be worse. Besides, I'll forever be in your debt for I'll be Your Drill, Soldier. I had wanted to read it since there was some good buzz flying around. But your, shall we say, inventive review tipped the scales. :O)

Heather C Lmao. That's my best review ever!! It was like 3am when I wrote it too!!!

Norma Someday I'm going to buy you a drink for that review. ;)

Heather C Hehe. I can't wait for that chat. But I owe Sparkle for making me read it in the 1st place

Norma Ok, so do I go onto Dangerous next? Well not next, but as my next JL? There are 2 in that series as well? I bookmarked "The Works" page on, so I guess I could just look to see how many. But I thought it was a series. Should I read those next? What do you suggest?

Heather C Lol. There are 3 and they are all very short. The 4th comes out this summer. If you wait a little while we can read something together

Heather C I counted. I have 19 highlights in this book!

Norma Huh? Are we reading the 4th together? I can't wait then. I need to read the first three. Well it'll depend on what they cost. Or did you have something else in mind? I'm always game for suggestions (from those who have similar tastes--cant do the random challenges and rarely do book club picks). What are we reading?

Norma 19? I got so into the end that I stopped highlighting. Plus I was reading while watching a hockey game so my attention was wandering. I think I only have maybe 5 or 6. Let me count...Ok. 6 highlights and 3 bookmarks.

Heather C Haha. I have the 5 second rule one highlighted!!

...And..."I want to fuck you in those glasses.". Lmao

"Kit, you're forty. You look thirty. You act...well, never mind. You're carrying on like you think you're seventy"

"To find them all in one package...well, perhaps better not to dwell on his package in my fragile state."

"Not as intolerable as being dead, in my opinion, but I'm very fond of me. I would miss me a lot"

Ok. I'm tired of typing for now

Norma LOL I don't have any of those I dont think--except the five second rule. I did bookmark JX whispering "I want to fuck you" first page of chapter 18.

Where is the package quote? Why don't I remember that?

Heather C It doesn't matter. I'm not to picky but I don't really like sad and depressing

Norma "I hear you mooned a state trooper"

"Like a lady librarian. Not that librarians necessarily wear eyeglasses to bed--disconcerting to one's bed partner if magnifiers are required." *snort*

"'I love you' he said, and his mouth covered mine" Awwww

Norma Hmm. Ok. Is your TBR up to date? I almost never remember to update mine. I'll look at yours and see what you've got that I might have too. You've read all the JL's haven't you?

Heather C "When I get back to L.A. I'm going to buy myself a Blackberry and a slew of French-cuffed shirts. Possibly a nipple ring"

"Anyone who wasn't half-stoned on pain meds would have instantly realized what a really bad idea this plan was, but since that didn't include me, I didn't worry about it"

"I determinedly weaved my way through the crowd, hauling my medical apparatus behind me like my little red wagon"

Do you have a kindle. You can search using a few words from those quotes to find them

Norma I have the nipple ring one too.

Yup. I love my kindle. I love that search feature cuz I can never remember to bookmark while im in the moment.

Ok. It's bedtime for me (well turn the computer off and read for a bit before bedtime). LMK about your TBR. If you're not up to date, I'll throw out a few titles that are in my "TBR soon" collection on my kindle (as opposed to the ones in the regular TBR collection--those are my impulse buys, free downloads and subsequent books of a series I haven't gotten around to continuing).

Heather C Anything under TBR, I already have (mostly)

Want are those I don't have yet. I don't actually have a "soon" shelf. Maybe I will look at yours 1st

Norma My TBR and my TBR Soon are on my kindle. I usually forget to update it here. Only when I see someone else put a book on TBR and I say, "Oooh! I wanna read that" I forgot to look at yours though. Gonna do it now. Are you reading Lover Unleashed? I thought you were a BDB person. I haven't decided if I will. I'd have to buy it on paper since I have them all. But I hate to buy it hardcover. Ward's writing has gotten a little silly with the gansta talk.

Heather C Yeah. I agree but it would feel weird if I didnt continue. I've already ordered the hardcover. What about Larissa Ione' Eternal Rider. Have you read her Demonica series?

Norma I've never read any of the Demonica. I think I might have one of them. Gotta look. Is that far into the series? I was also thinking If Angels Burn, but I may have paperbackswapped that one. Still looking. :)

Heather C Omg. I just read the librarian quote!! I don't remember that!

Heather C Demonica is 5 books and finished. This is a spin-off series

Norma How about Mexican Heat. I'd gone back and forth about reading it because I'd heard the first sex scene was questionable. But it's gotten mostly good reviews.

Heather C Oh yes! I've been wanting to read that!

Norma Cool. Looks like you are reading 10 different books right now. Let me know when you want to start it. :)

Heather C Lol. I'm only reading 2 and they are taking me longer than I expected to finish. In the mean time. What are you going to read. I think I can be ready by friday

Norma I'm not sure. I was going to start Deadly Lies today, but it's my middle son's birthday and he decided to take the day off from school. So I can't get engrossed in anything. Either way, I can be ready friday to start MH. I don't work, so I have time to read during the day. Just let me know. NOw I'm thinking I need to skim thru Angels Blood. :)

Heather C Lol. Ok. I will work hard and be ready by friday!

Norma take your time. I'll keep myself amused until then. ;)

Heather C Ok. I will let you know! :)

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