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The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter
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Hmmmm... What's with the guy on the cover? He's supposed to be an immortal warrior housing the demon of death, not a teenage emo boy. And where are the scars?

Anyway, the book was better than the first one but only barely. Some thoughts:

- I liked Anya overall. The way she talks is very reminiscent of Kresley Cole's heroines, who are usually brilliant and funny. She's a bit immature and needy and has no self respect but at least she was sorta entertaining and the nicknames she gives Lucien are probably the best part of the book.

- Why, why why the orgiastic party at the beginning? They are millenia old immortals, not sex starved frat boys. Doesn't characterise the heroes very well, as far as I'm concerned.

- The first interaction between Anya and Lucien was just mortifying. If a man you make a pass at says no, that doesn't mean bend over and start rubbing yourself on him, Anya. The way Anya behaves throughout the first three quarters of the book is more than a little stalkerish and I'm pretty sure would qualify as sexual harrasment.

- If Lucien thinks killing Anya, a goddess, is such a piece of piss (which he seems to at the beginning) why are they all such push-overs for the other gods? Why not try to kill Cronos? Why have they never tried to force the issue with the Greeks to reverse their curse in all those thousands of years?

- Lucien has so little personality it's startling. I barely remembered him from the previous books. Other than that he smells of roses and is usually level-headed there doesn't seem to be much else to characterise him. His astounding stupidity, maybe. He supposedly permanently disfigured himself (how's that even possible, shouldn't he have healed without any scarring? the explanation given is not very convincing) after the woman he loved (he's only been with her for a few months FFS!) died, in order to stop other women being interested in him in that way. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! And no, it doesn't prove that he can love and feel deeply, just shows that he has the emotional maturity of a 17 year old (I guess, he is well matched with Anya in that respect). I suspect he only did it so he can do all the angsty "she cannot possibly find me attractive" internal agonising.

- The hair trigger response Anya and Lucien have to each other is irritating . Her hair brushes his cheek and he is about ready to explode in his pants. A couple of blow jobs later and he goes from wanting to kill her to eternal love and devotion and sacrificing himself and all his friends for her. I know this is PNR but come on! Also, constantly dashing away in the middle of sex to escort souls to hell/heaven is a bit of a downer plus doing so in the nude is somewhat creepy.

- I found myself constantly skipping over pages and paragraphs. I skipped over the entire of Reys/Danika passages and most of Paris/Sienna.

I think I am done with Showalter for the time being.

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