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Rift by Andrea Cremer
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Feb 08, 14

bookshelves: 2012

Okay, I finished that in a total time of like ZERO DAYS.

Honestly, I don't know why I ever second-guess my decisions to read any of Cremer's books. Every time I end up reading them I'm done in a day and I enjoy every second of it. They're just so addicting. And good. Despite the not-so-perfect quality and the lack of realistic characters and unoriginal (sometimes predictable (view spoiler)) plotlines.

Anyone looking for something action-packed, romance-y, and nicely written will seriously enjoy this.

Now I'm going to compare it to Nightshade, since that is inevitable and I did it the whole time I was reading this. Here's the thing. Cremer has always had nice writing. And action-filled plot lines. And an addictive quality.

What she didn't have was good characterization. Yeah, Ren was hot and I was obsessed with him, being a young teenager. Yeah, Calla was supposedly kick-ass. Emphasis on the "supposedly". She was also supposedly in love with the jack-ass I like to call Shay.

Looking back, Ren was only hot. He had no other traits besides hotness and a severe love for Calla. Calla was also composed of a fat wad of NOTHING. She was just a bunch of supposed-to-be's and crap. That kick-ass label never manifested itself, as she was often laughed at by the cast of characters and didn't have the courage to stand up to Ren or Shay about anything, or turn either of them down to the point where she led both of the idiots on throughout the final book like the skank she pretended she wasn't (though the Wolfsbane cover suggests otherwise). Don't get me started on Shay.

In Rift, that's not the case. Ember is supposed to be a strong female character, and she is. I'm thinking of a particular scene at the end. (view spoiler) She knows what she wants and has her priorities in order. Barrow also legitimately cares for her. There is less description of his hotness and more talk about his courage and experience as a knight. I loved the scenes between them, though a couple of them made me smirk at the awkwardness and convenience of it. (view spoiler) Their dialogue was just so natural. Cremer's characters in Rift are an immense improvement from the weak-willed wannabes of Nightshade.

If I had to have one complaint it's the black-and-white quality of some of the plot and characters, particularly Ember's father, (view spoiler) and the awfulness of Ember's old life versus the perfection of her new one. And Ember's crazy desire to fight battles she didn't even know the cause of yet, just because she loved the thrill of battle seemed quite formulated and less like a realistic desire of a realistic character (speaking of, the phrases about her pulse speeding up and the her heart beating in exhileration were a little overused sometimes). I also can't believe that anyone living in the 1400's, no matter how sheltered the society, would allow women to hold such powerful roles. Training them as ordinary warriors? Fine. Leading entire armies? Doubtful. But I won't put too much blame on that. I'm not the history teacher, here.

For the few flaws, I give it four stars. But let me tell you, I loved this book and I will read the sequel, no questions asked, for Ember and Barrow, for all the action and the killing, (for the kissing), for the beautiful scenery and imagery, and simply because I know it will be so much fun .

Pre-review / Cover thoughts: So the covers are still no where near as amazing as the original Nightshade cover, but it's an improvement from Wolfsbane and Bloodrose. I like it.
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Reading Progress

08/12/2012 page 61
14.0% "I find it interesting that she would want to be a warrior before knowing the cause of her fight. I would never do such a thing unless I has a particularly good reason to first.
Anyways, I like the characters better than in Nightshade so far. I like the Scottish setting and the power of the world and people. I see a love triangle forming but Ember seems to know exactly what she wants, unlike Calla ever did."
08/12/2012 page 61
08/12/2012 page 61
14.0% "I think what I was trying to say was that in Nightshade I loved Ren and despised Shay, but here there's something to like in both Barrow and Alistair.
An annoyance: the situation of her family and past = bad, versus the knights and her future = good, is wayyy too black and white and overly simplified."
08/12/2012 page 61
14.0% "I like the color gray. I get that Cremer's trying to drill into us Ember's strong aversion to domestic life but that doesn't mean there can't be more realistic goods and bads to each side."
08/12/2012 page 133
31.0% "I could literally live off this women's books for the rest of my life. Yes, the themes are repetitive and the characters can get annoying, but they're just so addicting. If it's not a fight scene it's a hot scene, and if it's not that it's just plain beautiful scenery."
08/13/2012 page 167
39.0% "NEVER expected that from him. So much for a love triangle?"
08/13/2012 page 281
65.0% "So who will it be? Someone's going to go dark side. I'm betting on Eira. I can see her ambitions/determination to do what's best getting in the way. And Alistair seems pretty weak-minded. Maybe he will be corrupted. Ansel-style."
08/13/2012 page 315
73.0% "Wow. I had taken her for a sneaky Katherine-type girl, not a sadistic freak."
08/13/2012 page 419
97.0% "Ember is amazing. She's everything Calla wished she could be. And I have never hated a character as much as I hate <spoiler> Eira </spoiler>. She is so flat-out evil it's ridiculous. That's where Cremer is still lacking characterization- all the black and white areas. But she has greatly improved since Nightshade. Also, Ember/Barrow feels more like love, whereas..."
08/13/2012 page 419
97.0% "... (continued) Nightshade was quite a lust-fest. Sorry, I can't help comparing the two."
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message 1: by Son (new) - added it

Son Hey is it any good? Do i need to read Nightshade books to understand or is it okay as a stand alone novel?

Anna I know it says I'm currently reading it, but that really just means I have it on my shelf. I'll let you know when I start it next week, but so far I've heard it stands just fine on its own.

message 3: by Son (new) - added it

Son Cool thanks for that

Anna I've started; definitely can be read on its own.

message 5: by Son (new) - added it

Son thanks

Anna No problem!

Stephanie Dong That's exactly what I DO! I just think should I read it and I end doing it anyways and liking it

Zoey EXACTLY RIGHT about Calla in Nightshade! I couldn't stand how weak her character was when I was reading it! Rift was so much better.

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