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Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz
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Mar 14, 2011

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Read in February, 2011

To understand my likes and dislikes with this book, you should perhaps read my review on Blue Bloods. Everything is basically the same, except only amplified. The characters are more intriguing, the mystery harder to unravel, and origin more exposed. However, the things I didn't like about the book are also amplified. Even more information is withheld, only this time much more blatantly. The issue I have is not with the withholding of information in and of itself, but they way in which it is done in this series.

Additionally, there were a few inconsistencies. One of the things that I like about the books is their originality of ideas and attention to detail. However, they don't seem able to follow their own detail.

In the first book, someone is suspected of being the "murderer" and another character realizes that she was with him the entire time during the murder, so it couldn't have been him. Additionally, physically that person could not have done what they were being accused of. However, when they find out they are wrong about one of those, they completely forget about the other, which is a shame since either one exempts him.
In the first book, they mention that there are no locker rooms, so everyone changes in the hall. In the second book though, a character is referenced to coming out of the boy's locker room.

These are perhaps minor quips, but when the structure of the story already has you nosing around for details, they are a little unfair to the reader.

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