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Anything for You by Ethan Day
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Apr 03, 2011

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bookshelves: contemporary, m-m-romance

Ethan Day is one of my favorite m/m writers. I like his writing and his sense of humor, but his characters are what sets his books apart from all the others - they are flawed, they make mistakes, but they have undeniable inner goodness that makes you love them and cheer for them no matter what. That wasn't the case this time, at least not for me.

I can't say I actually disliked them but I didn't liked them very much either. Jason is a closeted man. This makes his life increasingly difficult, make him envy his friends and behave - as he says himself - like an asshole. I am usually very sympathetic towards closeted characters, but I had trouble understanding why he decided to stay in the closet, especially when he met Chad. I get that fear of coming out is not at all irrational, because there are no guarantees that your life wouldn't be "ripped to shreds before your eyes". However, we weren't given any indication that something like that could happen to Jason. He admits he has an understanding family, his sister is a lesbian, he has great friends and, it seemed to me, very nice colleagues. There were no traumatic events in his past. I just couldn't help thinking, as uncharitable as it was: Will you do it already?!

Chad's beliefs and his previous bad experience made me understand why he was pushing Jason to come out. (view spoiler) made my previous sympathies for him vanish completely. It seemed wrong to me that Jason did not make this decision alone - (view spoiler).

I also didn't get why Jason and Chad were so into each other, except for the great sex. We were told they were perfect for each other, but maybe we should have been shown as well.

The other characters did not appeal to me either. Jason's sister was two-dimensional at best, not to mention annoying, and his friends... Well, let's just say (view spoiler), no matter how good your intentions might be.

Like every other Ethan Day's book, this one didn't lack humor. Jason's maniacal cleaning of anything "gay" from his apartment as well as his Valium-induced honesty were hilarious. The story was entertaining enough, but it just didn't resonate as much as Ethan's other works. I will be rereading some of his books for years to come - like Sno Ho series and, especially, At Piper's Point - and I know I will never get bored with them. I just don't know how often I will be returning to this one.

3.5 stars
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