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Bachelor Sheriff by Paula Graves
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Mar 14, 2011

really liked it

I really liked both of the characters in this book - Aaron and Melissa were good people trying to do good things and who got caught in the middle of something nasty. I like protector type heroes so Aaron fit the bill just right. He was gentle with Melissa too, and she needed it. Melissa's a great heroine. She has good reason to try to stay under the radar but she doesn't. She doesn't hide away but uses her experiences to help other people. She's gutsy. I like that.

The first chapter really hooked me in and Paula did a great job of adding red herrings to the story. Just when you think you sort of know who the villian is, something happens that makes you just a bit unsure. She did keep me guessing. She also did a great job of escalating the danger, building up to the climax at the end. Melissa was in danger from the first page, but at the end she's really in trouble, and I LOVED how it echoed a defining moment from her past.

There were a few things that I would have liked to have seen and I know very well how word count constraints make it tough to include everything, so I wonder if that might have been why a few things felt unfinished. Melissa's dog plays a large part in the first few chapters, but then we kind of lose him and it would have been neat to see the same kind of symmetry with the dog as we did with the ending. I also wish that Melissa's father had explained his past to her. He does say he is going to when the time is right. It made me wonder if that right time will be in a later book. There's also a red herring that could have used a touch more anchoring to add to the deviousness of the villian.

My favourite part? When Aaron is running through the woods calling for her to stop. I could really see that unfolding and hear his voice as he was shouting "Baby, it's me!"

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