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Sark's New Creative Companion by SARK
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You know life is "funny" sometimes... I have not read this book lately. Have not held a copy for over 20 years... But tonight I was thinking about it.

In Retrospect, THIS BOOK, by SARK, is ONE of The Most Powerful Magickal Texts I have ever read, in the context of a "modern-day-mythology."

SARK actually attempts to interact with the Reader, by providing Questions about Future Dreams and other healthy Brain-food, but also by giving the Reader the Choice to ignore the questions and just doodle. Form, but no form.

This would be an IDEAL gift for a 10-12 year old child. I dunno, I'm sorta out of touch with children, maybe a 7-9 year old? I dunno, Readers.

One of my Favorite Recommendations from this Book is to poste the word "Yes" on pieces on paper and tape them to your walls. It seems like NLP, in a very basic application. "Yes" is one of the most powerful words I have ever learned/experienced. It feels much better than no.

Go ahead, you know you want to, Read iT! =D


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