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Ravenstone by Deborah Cannon
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Mar 13, 2011

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bookshelves: fiction, anthropology, mystery, tonga, first, nations, rape, murder, kidnapping, canada, signed

"I won this book through Member Giveaway and have not read the first two books in the series.[return][return]First, the parts I didn't like. I found the characters to always choose a course of action that made little or no sense to me. The heroes have a powerful enemy whom they put in jail right at the beginning of the book. Threatening emails, text messages and photographs are sent to them, and someone is even killed. Rather than going to the police, they each hide things from the other in hopes of ""protecting"" the other. Where does this lead? Disaster, illness, kidnapping, rape and death! If only they'd been sensible and gone to the police in the first place.[return][return]I found some of the reactions of the heroes quite contrary to what I expected in other ways. They are archaeologists and anthropologists, and yet the woman refers to tattooing as ""mutilation"", and expresses distaste at a beauty pageant in which there are men acting like and dressed as women. She's taken aback at the basic living conditions in Tonga. I would have thought that someone in her position would have been a little more open-minded, and might have had to rough it a few times in the course of her work. [return][return]The man sees Tongans selling artifacts and shrugs it off as ""just some bits of pottery."" Maybe it was just that the archaeological site I was at was fairly sparse in terms of artifacts, but every single scrap of pottery we dug out of the ground was carefully recorded and catalogued. I cannot imagine any archaeologist worth their salt just blithely shrugging that off.[return][return]I really enjoyed the way the author set the scenes. I found her descriptions to be engrossing, and I could easily picture Tonga and its inhabitants. It was nice to read about a warm and sunny south Pacific island during a cold and rainy spring. The book was paced well, though sometimes it seemed as though there was a lot of build up to an action scene, but the action scene itself didn't last very long.[return][return]It wasn't very difficult to follow along without having read the first two books. I'm contemplating reading them, but the author has made the villain so completely detestable, I'm not sure if I want to read any more about him. He was quite nasty! If the first two books take place along the Pacific coast, I'd really like to see how she describes it. I'll have to think about it some more."

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