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A Darkness At Sethanon by Raymond E. Feist
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Mar 13, 2011

Feist at his very best: A Darkness At Sethanon is the concluding book in the Riftwar trilogy and brings the saga, kicked off by Magician and continued by Silverthorn to a brilliant and stunning conclusion. This book is from an author at the height of his storytelling powers, and once started, simply cannot be put down. The plot is stunning in its execution and is totally gripping and fast moving. Add superb characterisation to this and you have a mix that is an out and out winner.

The story sees Pug and Tomas scouring the universe for signs of Macros The Black, the great sorcerer who they hope will be able to give them information on the true nature of 'The Enemy.' It is becoming clearer by the day that this would appear to be power behind the Morehdrel Murmandamus and his armies, and their threat to The Kingdom of The Isles. In the meantime the war against Murmandamus is being fought by characters such as Arutha, Guy, and Jimmy The Hand.
Pug and Tomas do eventually find Macros, and learn to their horror the true nature of 'The Enemy.' They also learn that not just Midkemia is under threat but the very existence of all living things....

The Riftwar trilogy features some of the best characters that Ray Feist has ever created. It established his 'eternal' characters of Pug, Macros, and Tomas and indeed these all appear to varying degrees in the following books and series concerning Midkemia. If anything though, the lesser characterisation in later books, has not been quite up to the strength of the likes of Jimmy and Arutha, and these characters have been sorely missed in these later volumes. It is of no surprise, therefore, that Feist has returned to these characters to write extra volumes about them... Enjoy then A Darkness At Sethanon, a superbly realised tale, featuring all of Ray Feist's best characters.

As a footnote, readers who look forward to seeing Feist return to this kind of superlative form are advised to pick up a copy of his latest Darkwar volume 'Into A Dark Realm.' Having read this I can only conclude that it is a return to the kind of form that Feist enjoyed during the Riftwar novels and sets the reader up for what promises to be a superb third installment. If you cannot wait for this book to be released in the US then order it now from Amazon UK, the delivery charge is worth it because you will not be disappointed.

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