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Scattered by Gabor Maté
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Apr 13, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from March 13 to April 12, 2011

Another fantastic one by Maté. I admit that part of liking it is because it confirms what I wanted to hear – that medication has a place but should be avoided as much as possible, that parents have a responsibility but shouldn't be blamed, that ADD kids are not lazy or manipulative, that compassion and patience are vital in relating to ADD kids, etc.

However, I also liked it for much more than that. It deepened my understanding of attachment theory, which I'm finding to be very useful in developing myself as the parent I want to be. It give me a lot to think about as an educator about how our educational system fails to serve kids with ADD. It also gives me a lot to think about for myself. While I don't think I fit the profile of an ADD adult, I (like most people in American society) have certain ways of being (not fully individuated, overly emphasize work, keeping constantly busy and on the run, etc.) that are ADD-like. He has some valuable suggestions for ways of understanding those ways of being and how to "self-parent" in ways to bring more balance and peace into one's life.

Some have described him as smug or criticize his use of examples from his personal life. I disagree on both counts. He comes across as smug, perhaps, because he is brilliant and highly accomplished, and he knows it. Well, he is, but he also fully discloses the many ways in which he has failed in life. It's those personal accounts that I really appreciate. I find his personal connection to the subject to be highly illuminating, as well as building trust for me that this is a subject that he has intimate familiarity with.

I would highly recommend it for everyone who works with kids or who thinks that anyone (including his- or herself) may have ADD.

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