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Vurt by Jeff Noon
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Mar 13, 2011

Possibly life changing?: I am a student, and we were mucking about in the libary at lunch one wet break - and i saw this book in the shelf and picked it out due to the versions random colour scheme. I read the blurb and thought it sounded ok. I started reading...

When i finished it a few weeks later (i'm a slow reader...) i new it was the best book i had ever read. It's perfect mix of violence, sex, futuristic drugs, and an incredibly emotional and heart-pounding, creative and immaginative story just blew me away.

I talked my friends into reading it, who read all the time and finished it within a day or two, and they decided it was their favoutite book too. Now, two years later, the book has become a bit of a legend, almost a bible, too all that have read it.

This book appeals to both people looking for a cool story, and those looking for a masterpiece. If you read it, you will agree i can assure.

Jeff Noon is the Jeff Beck of the writing world!


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