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Evermore by Alyson Noel
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Apr 29, 11

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** spoiler alert ** *Spoilers

Evermore isn't the most glamorous book that i've read, but i like it OK (2.4)...
Let me elaborate with the good:

The plot: I think for me the plot is in a steady pace that is neither too fast or too slow. Not bad.
Some characters: Thank god that Noel didn't forget to include sensible characters! Riley, Ever's sister, came to me as hilarious and what soon-to-be-13 girls would be. Also, there's Ava. Yes. Too bad she doesn't have much of a role here in the book which I hope will expand in the next.

Unfortunately, that's all the good. Yup, I said I like it ok because it's not that bad, BUT there are so many cons that I'm having second thoughts on liking it 'ok'.

Ever and Damen- Did I mention that these characters are so disconnected to me that it felt like watching/reading a movie through a robot's eyes who tries hard to be a human. Actually, that's Ever. She didn't make me sympathetic for her, AT ALL. What makes a character interesting for people to read? I'm not meaning for them to be sarcastic or funny or just plain goofy, but they need PERSONALITY. Ever's a mix of a damaged stereotypical cheerleader and a robot. Yeah, you heard me. When Ever's family died in the crash, I didn't felt convinced of her 'grief'. Gosh, she seriously needs help ok? And going to her 'friends' who is equally bitchy as the supposed popular crowd? Pathetic. All the things she did here, I always ask: WHY WHY WHY??? Being flawed is good, shows that a character is not perfect at all, but...for her... i didn't find any reason for many of the things she did. a freaking sap. I don't know much anything about him, neither does Ever, so why are they together? Also, he doesn't even have a character flaw. Sure, he lived for a while, but really? He's too one dimensional. Didn't she ever questioned anything about him before jumping into a relationship? I never liked instant attractions.They can start as friends can they? Honestly, I don't care about their attraction, and I felt like they were PUSHED, not on their own free will. For me, it's like Noel's trying to just make excuses to why they should be together and why Ever should trust him.

And her 'friends'? Just there to waste space/paper? Haven is sick excuse for a friend. I can't believe Ever will be with someone like her. Miles is just there to be selfish too. Maybe she's afraid of being a total loner?

The lore-damn. I was confused at times, but how can Ever get telepathy, read a life story with a touch and see auras? Just a random happening? Does bringing back the dead mean you get superpowers? Is there a limit to what the Immortals can do?
Despite the weird lore, i think it will be explored in the next book.

Oh yeah, the message isn't clear either. Is it that you can only change when a guy appears and help you do so? Being a loner actually is a unique thing and guys go for you?

So, while this really gets on my nerves, i'm curious on what will happen next...
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Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly so what, for you, was the most glamorous book you've read?

Nicole hmmm... something like the Hunger Games? or Mortal Instruments? :)

Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly excellent choices

message 4: by Joyzi (last edited Mar 23, 2011 02:56AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Joyzi don't, stop with this book! Blue moon was so horrible you'll start to see red!

Nicole @Joselito thank u! ^_^

@Joyzi...ugh.. evermore was bad enough, i don't know if i have the stomach for blue moon! but yeah, maybe i'll read it, just to laugh how ridiculous this is! :P

Joyzi okay I stop reading after book 2, not worth my time

Nicole haha, there are other better books around :)

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