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The Queen in Winter by Claire Delacroix
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Mar 10, 2011

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"A Whisper of Spring" by Lynn Kurland

I purchased this book specifically for this novella by Lynn Kurland. The novella is set in the same world as the Nine Kingdoms series, but in the past at the beginning of the kingdom of Neroche. It is the story of Symon of Neroche and Iolaire of that-impossible-to-pronounce-or-spell-Elf-kingdom.

Given that there was only a passing mention of Ehrne in the main series, I was tickled to learn more about what he was like. I found him to be amusingly arrogant and vain. There did seem to be a leeetle more to him than that as evidenced by his somewhat support of his sister's happiness, but he apparently did not change as much over the centuries. I liked his relationship with his sister. He seemed to have much fondness for her, and she seemed able to treat him in just the proper way to make use of him. I was happy to see that Iolaire was able to free herself from her predicament. Unfortunately, this meant that I had some questions about the world-building.

I was a little confused about the structure of elven magic. While the author eventually explained what had me initially confused, I found myself a little dissatisfied because the explanation seemed too superficial. I fell in love with Miach from the first three Nine Kingdoms books, and I liked Ruith enough - and they were both Gary Stus. Yet, I found myself a bit irked by Symon of Neroche. This could be because of the way the author had the reader learn of how wonderful he really was - through his second-in-command, Hamil. Hamil's boasting of Symon's skills were eye-roll inducing. Poor Hamil was also apparently there to provide much info-dumps about the world. There was also the occasional wise-cracks and his needling of Ehrne, which provided more comic relief to an already light-hearted fantasy romance.

Despite the problems I had with it, I still felt as if I learned a little more of the Elvish customs/kingdoms so at least I take that away.

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06/02/2012 page 56
18.0% "Purchased yesterday at bargain price at B&N for Lynn Kurland's story. So far, a little confused by the elven magic. Ehrne is amusingly arrogant and vain. Like his relationship with sister. Info dumps. Symon of Neroche a Gary Stu. Iolaire's character doesn't seem quite consistent - will need to read on to confirm. Hamil's boasting of Symon's skills a bit eye-roll inducing (info dumps)."

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