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The Empath by Bonnie Vanak
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Mar 10, 2011

did not like it

* "The Empath" is Maggie, a stupid, selfish, cowardly, blindly disobedient vet created by Bonnie Vanak, with explicit lust in most chapters, bloody violence in the others, and sprinkled with good Draicon vs. bad Morph jargon. (If female is draicara, why not morphara?) Brave werewolf Nick sends warning, soothing thoughts, and races to protect his future mate. Only she can heal (why?) the new disease afflicting even the leader of their pack, numbering dozens in New Mexico. By killing a close relative, their kind transform into foul smelling shape-shifters then disguise as any animal, from poisonous ant to dragon-like monster. Only long-lost Maggie can destroy the villain chief. (Why? Legend says.) [So why does the good leader do the deed?]

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