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The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer by Lucy Weston
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Mar 09, 2011

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Set in the court of Elizabeth I of England, this reads very much like a historical document. Within are all the intrigues that Elizabeth faced from the beheading of her mother Anne, to the perfidy of her sister Mary, to the difficulties of being a single woman in a world where men controlled everything. In addition to this, there is one big difference. Elizabeth just happens to be a vampire slayer.

On the eve of her coronation, Elizabeth learns of a secret that has been held by her family for a thousand years. She is a direct descendent of Morgaine, a witch in the time of Arthur. Lover of Mordred, she knew that when he became a vampire, his quest for power would know no bounds, not even those of mortal men so she tried to slay him. When that failed, she willed her spirit to continue until the day when one strong enough to face him could. That person is Elizabeth.

The book reads as though it is written in Elizabeth’s own hand with a flourish and courtier language that flows. Interspersed with the queen’s chapters are those of Mordred as he attempts to control Elizabeth and convince her to join him in unholy immortality. The characters are true to history and the scene and settings appropriate for the story. At times, the story was a little too detailed as it got bogged down. Even at its most adventurous, it was not a fast, exciting read. Even with the paranormal element, it is still a historical novel and as such, does move slowly. Still, it was a book that once picked, was difficult to put down as I wanted to find out how Elizabeth overcame Mordred.

Unfortunately, the ending I expected was not the ending that occurred and I was left most disappointed. Elizabeth does not defeat Mordred. She doesn’t join him, either, but I was still frustrated. Throughout the book, the author leads us on expecting her to slay Mordred and win the day. When this doesn’t happen, I was left with a feeling that reading the story had been a waste of my time. It was a good, if somewhat slow, read right up to the last pages, then the bomb is dropped.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical, especially Elizabethan, novels with a paranormal twist. It is a well written book with rich language, accurate settings, and vivid characters. Just be forewarned about an ending that may leave you less than satisfied.
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