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Shiver of Fear by Roxanne St. Claire
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Mar 22, 2011

really liked it
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Read from March 19 to 22, 2011

Now this is a strange one. About half way through the book I was thinking things like "Eh, this isn't doing it for me" and "I liked the first book sooo much better" and "I hope I can finish this" and "Jeez is this confusing". Now, if you read this book and start to feel that way? Just Keep Reading! It gets better. Really! Wow, this book really started to take off about half way through. Up to that point it was an 'okay' read, nothing special, a tad boring even with all the spies and questions of who's the bad guy and who's the good guy (God my head was starting to spin with all that), and even the romance wasn't much to write home about.

The basic plot is this; beautiful blonde, widowed socialite Devyn Sterling (last seen in Edge of Sight where her newspaper columnist husband was murdered) is on the hunt for her biological parents. She knows her father is the infamous Irish fugitive/mobster Finn MacCauley and her mother is microbiologist Sharon Mulvaney. Sharon and the 30 years older Finn had a 'thing' in the late seventies when he was caught up in the IRA and Sharon helped him out by stealing some toxins right out of her college lab. The relationship ended but not before Sharon became pregnant with (and giving up for adoption) daughter Rose Devyn. Now it's 30 years later, and Devyn has just found out who her biological parents are, and it doesn't sound good. Her adoptive parents (the Hewitts) have always made her feel that she doesn't measure up, and now that she's learned about this tainted DNA (terrorist/mobster blood!) of hers, she has to agree. Perhaps if she can track down her biological mother they can have some sort of relationship and Devyn won't feel so...alone. Devyn heads to N.C. where her mother teaches at a university. But no one's at Sharon's home. Devyn finds evidence that Sharon has gone to Belfast (uh-oh--Irish mobs!) Then an intruder enters with a cryptic message for Devyn to pass on--"If Sharon comes back here without getting her job done, she's dead." Now what does that mean? What is Sharon involved in? Could it be something illegal? Is Sharon a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy'? Devyn must go to Belfast and try to find her and warn her. What a first meeting between mother and daughter that will be.

Marc Rossi, divorced 38 year-old former FBI man and current gun shop owner, has just recently signed on to help his cousins (Vivi and Zach) in their new investigations business (The Guardian Angelinos). First client--FBI special agent Colton Lang. First assignment--get Devyn Sterling out of Belfast. Why? Colton won't tell--that's on a need-to-know basis. If the Angelinos want to get paid, they'll follow orders. Should be an easy job for Marc. A handsome, charming, flirty guy like him should have no trouble convincing a woman like Devyn to get out of Belfast, right? Uh-huh. Marc's got his work cut out for him, because stubborn Deyvn won't leave until she meets her mother. And her mother is up to something in Belfast. Is she working with terrorists? Is she working against them? Is she one of the good guys (please, please, for Devyn's sake!) or just as rotten as her father? Will Marc be able to protect her if he can't get her out of town?


What I liked about this one: I didn't mind the little travelogue to Ireland. It got me to do a little research online and read about some of the sights Devyn and Marc saw while he was trying to woo her (out of town). I liked that Devyn (view spoiler) She was a practical girl and knew she'd need some help finding Sharon and some protection from all the crazy characters coming out of the woodwork to warn her away. And it didn't hurt that she was wildly attracted to him either.

This rope bridge at Carrick-a-Rede played an important role at the start of the book...

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland...

The terrorism plot didn't bug me. This was a plot right out of today's headlines. What slowed the book down for me was the endless characters popping up and getting in the way of Devyn finding Sharon. Were these good guys trying to warn Devyn away for her own good or bad guys trying to ensure that Sharon could get on to doing something evil? And the cryptic clues and all the intrigue with Devyn and Marc heading here, there, and everywhere all over Northern Ireland, and not knowing who they could trust or where they could turn...exhausting and confusing. And then the characters' ambivalence about the relationship--do they want to get involved or don't they? Is Devyn really attracted to Marc beyond the physical or is he just 'handy' for what she really wants? Do each of them have it in them to open up to another person again, or are past betrayals always going to haunt them?

Oh yes, annother thing that bordered on annoying--Devyn's all encompassing desire (view spoiler)

Now, Marc and Devyn as a couple? I liked them, but they didn't 'wow' me. They each had their issues, and some baggage, but I could see them together. Marc was the 'protector' type, he liked them beautiful on the outside and a little damaged on the inside, so Dev was the perfect woman for him. And Marc could give Dev what she longed for all her life--a big family! (complete with dear old Uncle Nino). So good deal for both sides.

So you may have to plod through some stuff in the middle as things seem to be at a standstill, but hold onto your hats after that because things really start to get interesting. Some assumptions you make turn out to be false, and RSC throws some real twists and turns into the plot! The romance heats up just a bit (but not as much as I wished) as does the suspense. And when Devyn finally meets her mother and finds out the truth? The best part of the book.:) No wait, that would be the epilogue when the Rossi's and Algelinos get together on Christmas Eve (I love that family!)

Milltown Cemetary, Belfast, where Devyn and Sharon finally meet...

To sum up: part travelogue, part adventure, plenty of intrigue, some shocking twists and turns, and a little romance (just some standard stuff here) make up for the little slowness that you might have to wade through. But hang in there, because the book ends with a bang and the romance comes to a sweet conclusion. Not as good as book 1 (Edge of Sight) but not a bad installment to the series either. I'm definitely looking forward to Vivi and Colton Lang's story-Face of Danger--I think these two will be hot! 4 stars
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Sharon I can't wait to read this one! looking forward to your review..

*Nan* did you find this early and barnes and Noble again or did you get an ARC?

Auntee It's available at B& right now.:)

message 4: by Jen (new) - added it

Jen Great review. I have this one waiting on my Kindle for me!

Auntee Thanks Jen.:)
Hope you enjoy it!

message 6: by MelissaB (new)

MelissaB Great review Auntee!

message 7: by Buggy (new) - added it

Buggy Super review Auntee, I'm looking forward to this one and thanks for the "boredom till halfway mark" warning.

Auntee Thanks Melissa, thanks Buggy!
Just remember, hang in there if it gets a little slow for you.:)

message 9: by B (new) - rated it 5 stars

B It's such a GREAT book!!!

ElaineY You're much, much kinder to Demented Devyn that I am! That woman needs like a hundred years of therapy.

Auntee "Demented Devyn"--lol!

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