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The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
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Jun 19, 12

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Read from March 09, 2011 to June 19, 2012

To be gay and Christian, like I am, means that I constantly need to sell myself on my Christian commitment. This book does an excellent job of selling me on an ideal version of Christianity that I can aspire to make real in the world.

Warren identifies five purposes for our lives that answer the age-old question, what on earth am I hear for? Those purposes are worship, fellowship, discipleship, service and mission.

He successfully provides enough of an entree to each of these areas that readers can start with his ideas and as they apply his ideas, their experience and submission to God's will will help them grow.

For anyone who is a Christian, I suggest that this book be a once-a-year read.

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Quotes Daniel Liked

Rick Warren
“Fellowship is a place of grace, where mistakes aren't rubbed in but rubbed out. Fellowship happens when mercy wins over justice.”
Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

Reading Progress

03/09/2011 page 22
7.0% "Life makes much more sense when we live for something beyond ourselves."
03/10/2011 page 36
11.0% "Day 3 has caused me to rethink what's driving my life. I think if I asked my friends and family, they'd say that I'm driven to succeed. I want the driving force in my life to be living for God."
03/11/2011 page 41
12.0% "Taking an eternal view — that I'll live far beyond 80 years — has helped me take a altogether different view of what activities to cull from my life and which to add."
03/12/2011 page 47
14.0% "Talking about life is a test and a trust, looking back I can see how God has sculpted my character over the past decade to care for my Grandma."
04/03/2011 page 53
16.0% "The past week as been uncommonly stressful. It's reassuring to remember life is temporary."
09/01/2011 page 63
19.0% "Even though I make time for a daily devotional and for prayer — and I do them sincerely — I find that most of the rest of my day I spend very little time thinking of God. Am I the only one?"
09/01/2011 page 69
21.0% "Today's study, Day 8: Planned for God's Pleasure, answered the question of how I can think of God more often through my day: as I go about my tasks and events, carry on a conversation with God."
09/02/2011 page 77
23.0% "What a startling insight! Through the act of us enjoying the creation, we bring pleasure to God."
09/03/2011 page 85
25.0% "Surrender is both a joy and a daily challenge; doing so offers puts you into deeper, stormy waters than you can manage on your own."
09/05/2011 page 92
28.0% "These practical tips on the lifestyle of worship will change how I relate to God. One I'm going to start today is setting an hourly alarm on my iPhone to remind me to say my hourly prayers."
09/15/2011 page 107
32.0% "My biggest challenge to wholehearted worship is my self-centredness. In corporate worship, I constantly dwell on my plans and worries."
09/18/2011 page 117
35.0% "On Saturday I was so in the dumps that I couldn't see anything to thank God for. The list on page 111 is a great resource for always having a reason to thank him."
09/20/2011 page 130
39.0% "One of the reasons I love this book is its practical realism. How do you love people more? Give them your time. How can you tell who you love the most? You spend the most time with them, giving them your focused attention."
09/22/2011 page 138
41.0% "It's necessary for us as Christians to belong to a local family of believers. We'll never find the perfect church, but we must practice love, caring for real people, not ideal people."
10/19/2011 page 145
43.0% "Fellowship happens in small groups. The absolute maximum for such a group seems to be 12, although 2-3 is enough. Christ promises to be present when 2 or 3 gather in His name."
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