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Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory
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Jun 11, 11

did not like it
bookshelves: did-not-finish
Read in February, 2011

Why does Goodreads not have a "Did Not Finish"/"Will Not Finish" shelf? Because that's where I'd put this one (so I added one of my own, but they still made me choose one of the pre-sets). I bought it on my sister's recommendation, and she later apologized for not updating her rec. I thought maybe she was punishing me for procrastinating on finishing a different series that we're both into.

But I digress. I don't often/always review books, but in this case I feel like I have to. This is complete and utter dreck. I have run into Ye Olde "too stupid to live" heroine in the past, and either suffered through her or put her story aside. Not only is this heroine lacking in intelligence, but she is also ridiculously lacking in self-esteem. EVERY time a male interest of hers says two words to her best friend, she freaks out and assumes he's into the friend, and runs outside to pout and wallow. It. Gets. OLD.

There are so many other problems with this book, but these were the ones that made me abandon it. Maybe I'm spoiled, but I prefer characters with a couple thoughts in their heads and at least a tingle of stiffness in their spines. The universe presented was promising, but I just couldn't wade through the idiocy to get to it. Sadly.

I feel I should say this: I DID make it more than halfway through. Probably a lot further, but I bought it for my kindle and deleted it in disgust, so I can't pinpoint where/when I gave up.

My poor review isn't sex-related (I loooooove good sex in a book!) or some other moral issue. Unless you count wanting decent characters as moral stand. Again, I've let that slide in the past, but it's not like the author lets us get to know any other characters here. We're stuck with Jolie the Idiot and Her Amazing Circus of Self-Loathing. No thank you.
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Laura (Kyahgirl) aw, that's too bad. I made my own 'did not finish' shelf too and when I look at other people's shelves I always check what they didn't finish. Its good to know for us snoopy types LOL. Oh well, wash the taint of dreck from your mind with another book...there are so many to read. How big is your TBR anyway Trina?

Trina Lore My TBR is embarrassingly huge. I have about 10 in the kindle, 4 shelves of "real" books, and all of the Dark Tower graphic novels. I'm so glad to have been born in a time where books are easy and relatively inexpensive to obtain!

Laura (Kyahgirl) we are lucky, that's for sure.

there is no room for embarrassment between OCD-ish friends. My TBR beside my bed is about 10 books high, and the rest are in boxes in the basement...about 5 boxes. I have about 10 on my ereader too. At least books aren't as expensive as perfume so my husband should be happy I've migrated to a cheaper habit.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Trina Lore So true! The good thing with many of my books (the fantasy ones, anyway) is that I can share them with Chris. He still won't wear fragrance (and I can't spritz in his presence without sending him into sneezing fits). I think I feel most guilty because I *do* have so many books to read, but I want to read everything on the kindle. It's so much more easy and pleasant, so the "real" books languish.

message 5: by Janet (new) - added it

Janet I am soooooo struggling to finish this book. Will definitely not continue in the series. UGH!!!

Nicole I'm a completionist, however I think this will end up being the 2nd book of my entire lifewas that I won't finish.

Jacob Proffitt If you go to My Books and click the little "edit" link by "Bookshelves" on the left, you can mark your category as "Exclusive" and that'll make it possible to have that be the only bookshelf that book has. Indeed, it'll make it so you cannot be both did-not-finish *and* read or to-read.

message 8: by Zolutera (new)

Zolutera Lol!! I have a "not worth finishing" category.

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