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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
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Sep 15, 13

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Read in January, 1992

Second year at Hogwarts for Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione. Only this time it's twice the adventure. Harry is visited by a house elve named Dobby who gets him in a lot of trouble trying to keep him safe. Dobby goes to Harry's home to give him a warning "to not go back to hogwarts". Harry decided's to go anyway and that's when Dobby get's Harry in trouble with his aunt Patunia and Uncle Vernon. So Vernon puts bars on his window to keep him inside. But when Ron finds out he gets his brother's Fred and George to help him spring Harry from the cell that his room has become. When Vernon hears all the noise he rushes into his room and catches him trying to get out. Vernon then attempts to pull him back in and tumbles down the window. Harry escapes, When they are alone Ron says "Happy Birthday Harry". They get to the burrow that's where Ron lives. And Ron's mom Molly comes out and gives them a good thrashing for using their father's flying car to get Harry out of his house. So Harry spends the rest of the vacation with Ron and his family. But when it comes time to board the train Ron and Harry are stuck on the other side with no way to the train. They miss the Train, so Ron thinks up the brilliant idea of using his dad's flying car to get to Hogwarts. They make it to Hogwarts, but they didn't know that Hogwarts was protected by enchantments. So They get in to Hogwarts with a crash landing. Harry's year is going south when he tells his friends that he can hear something slithering around in the walls and it's talking. He goes on like that the whole year. His friends think that he should go to Dumbledor with this, but he says "no". So it come's time for the quiditch match, and the bludger is trying to smash his face in. When Hermione sees this she destroyes the Bludger after Harry catches the snitch, after Harry falls from his broom. He ends up in the hospital wing re-growing the bones in his arm. At night Dobby comes to plead with Harry to go home because history is about to repeat itself. Harry finds out the next day that people are being petrafied. So he and his friends go in search of answers and they find out that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened before. Days go by and Harry is told and shown that Hermione has been petrified. Harry and Ron find out where they Chamber of Secrets is and they go down there, but only Harry goes on ahead. There Harry finds himself confronted by Lord Voldemort's younger self. He frees the snake from the chamber and it almost kills Harry. But Harry kills it with Godrick Griffindors Sword. and saves Ginny whom Riddle was using to get into the chamber. Ron and Harry get in a lot of trouble with Dumbledor because of the whole going down to the Chamber of Secrets but he doesn't punish them because they protected the school and him. Once again another year has ended at Hogwarts.

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