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Vicious Circle by Linda  Robertson
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Mar 08, 2011

did not like it
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First reaction: sounds like every other voice in urban fantasy. Nothing seems to really stand out to me, the main character could probably be interchanged with every other mediocre urban fantasy main character.

And then the situation Persephone gets into? She says yes to killing someone? With no real information, other than the fact that the person she is to kill supposedly murdered a friend of hers? It's just... stupid. The person who gives her the job is super sketchy, and she gets guilted into taking it. I'm sorry, but being guilted into murdering someone is... I don't even have the words. And the person giving the main character the job is a grade A bitch; I'm sorry but there has to be a reason why she's not doing it herself if she thinks herself as part of the reason why your friend got killed.

And don't give me your 'justice streak a mile wide' crap. You don't even have all of the facts before you agreed to it. It's more vigilantism than justice. Some characters can pull it off, but in this case? No. Or at least not how the author built up this entire scenario--complete with 'you are justified' by some sort of mystical totem thing later on. And of course your sense of justice doesn't forbid you from taking money for assassinating someone.

Most of my problem, I think, is because of the character, Vivian, who gives the job to Persephone. If Persephone had decided to do this (assassinating the one who killed her friend) on her own, I would have been all right with it. But bringing Vivian to the mix makes it less like Persephone's ideas and her sense of 'justice' and more like she's some idiot who was made into a hired killer for no real reason other than she did it before (by accident) and she's guilted into it. Along with the money, of course.

It doesn't help that I dislike Persephone's Nana (her grandmother). I am sure she is a tough, quirky old lady. It doesn't excuse a person for being a jerk. It doesn't matter if the house is part of her home too--if you're sharing a house, the least you could do is discuss with the other housemate that you're bringing home a great dane puppy. The way Persephone just caves in drives me crazy, and the way Nana was repentant (sorta) afterward made me want to throw things at the author. The lady brings home a puppy and the sheer irresponsibility of this (she doesn't even know how big a great dane will be--this is not funny, it's stupid)... and then she acts all woebegone and it's whiplash. And no wonder Nana walks all over you, Persephone, if you always give in.

And for all of Persephone's dislike of people who are prejudiced against werewolves, she sure doesn't mind thinking that all vampires are scumbags.

Of course I thought people who watched his show and followed his bizarre beliefs were almost as freakish as vampires.

Argh. Okay, maybe all vampires in this world are 'evil', but the thought of that irritates me just as much, go figure.

I just am not in the mood to be forgiving. Johnny is the stereotypical bad boy who really isn't. The scenes with Persephone's high school friends are pretty much pointless. Persephone irritates me so much it's not even funny. I got about halfway through the book and had to skim to the end and nothing I read changed my opinion.

It's probably closer to 2 stars, but I really couldn't stand this book, so 1 star it is.
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Runningrabbit I am totally with you on this one, and am glad someone else understands what we are thinking here... Thank you for not giving it 4 or 5 stars like many others. I don't get whky anyone would. Oh, how my tolerance level is slipping...

Shdnx Thank you for this review. I just can't believe my eyes seeing all these 4-5 stars reviews. I mean, what the hell, haven't they ever read a single good urban fantasy title?!

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