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Heaven, Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Mar 10, 11

bookshelves: contemporary-romance, humour

Another winner from sep.

The heroine, Gracie, is 30 years old virgin and has been living a fairly dowdy life and wants to make a change. She takes a job as a production assistant on a movie starring a retired football player, bobby Tom Denton.

BT had been tqua wide receiver for the Chicago Stars but due to injury has had to retire and has not yet come to terms with the thought that his football career is over. He is one of those guys who is good at everything he does: he is an astute business man and has also agreed to take the lead in an action thriller set in his home town in Texas.

BT is not overly enthusiastic about starting the movie and does not turn up as expected. The producer sends Gracie to bring to location asap. The idea being that Gracie is so dowdy and sensible that Bobby Tom won't be interested in her as a woman and that she wont fall for his charm. BT is difficult about the schedule and initially tries to palm Gracie off before insisting on driving hundreds of miles ( with detours galore) rather than flying. Despite her frustration with Bobby Tom, in fact Gracie starts to have a good time and gets a chance to meet all kinds of people. However when she finally gets him to the set, the producer fires her because they are late.

Bobby Tom feels guilty this and tells the producer to employ her as his assistant on the basis that he will pay her wages. The author is very good at describing the fact that BT is constantly surrounded by people who expect something from him and are looking for favours. The hero finds this trying but feels obligated to help others because of his own good fortune and wealth - he is a notorious soft touch. He is also constantly surrounded by women, generally blond, big breasted bimbos and his attitude onwards them is one of polite, indulgent dismissal.

However in the interim Bobby Tom has come to respect Gracie in that she is intelligent, knows her own mind and is not cowed by him. There is a level of attraction between them but BT dismisses this as having feelings of pity. In desperation to get away from hoards of other women, he tells them that he and Gracie are engaged. She goes through the typical make over process at her own expense and comes out looking pretty attractive. By this stage she realises that she is in love but she doesn't have any expectations of BT and decides she will just treasure the time she has.

Bobby Tom finds himself increasingly attracted to Gracie and eventually one thing leads to another....

There is a secondary romance involving BT's widowed mother which is sensitively portrayed.

Much of the story focuses on BT coming to accept the end of his football career and on his growing need for Gracie, despite his preconceptions of the type of woman he should be with. He has to come to realise that Gracie deserves better than he is initially prepared to give her and Gracie must also discover her own value.

There are of course a number of problems and misunderstandings along the way but the pleasure is in the journey to the final destination.

Great chemistry, witty dialogue, a sympathetic and charming portrayal of small town Texas life all go toward making this a really enjoyable read, told with humour and generosity of spirit.

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