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Moon Spell by Samantha Young
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Mar 15, 2011

really liked it
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Moon Spell is a remarkable young adult fantasy that is propelled by lies, deceit and love. The writing style is quite unique; though it is targeted to teenagers, it reads more like an adult urban fantasy than a young adult novel. I would imagine this is due the age difference between the two main characters. Caia is a seventeen year old who has recently been reunited with her lykan pack. Lucien, who is ten years her senior is the pack alpha and her primary love interest. I will be honest, the age difference does bother me a bit. I wish Caia could at least have been 18 - but I guess it's no different than a vampire creeping on a teenage girl. And Young does go through great pains to emphasize how different the pack is from normal humans, so it cushions the shock a bit. Anyways, I think this range of age contributes to the unusually tone of the book because it has to properly capture a teenage girl and a 27 year old man.

Caia is a marvelous character with a huge independent streak that doesn’t bode well with the pack, who obviously, are more “group” people. She wasn’t raised with a pack and therefore has always kept to herself. The heartthrob of the book, Lucien (the pack alpha) is very thing you’ve come to expect from alphas; he is completely swoon-worthy and incredibly overprotective. He is drawn to Caia more than anyone before and at first it scares him. He doesn’t really know how to react to her. Together they are the perfect match – she is the yin to his yang. She balances him out; where he is quick to act on his emotions, she is usually calm, quiet and collected.

The rest of the pack is incredibly colorful and unique. Some Caia counts as friends, but unfortunately there are those who are dead set against her. They are weary of her presence – with her slight build and calm demeanor she is obviously different. Despite the tension Caia manages to make a few strong connections with a few of her teenage peers – mainly Sebastian and Jaeden. These two characters do a great job of defusing the tension of the novel.

The plotline chugs along at a respectable pace and there are more plot twists than I care to count. Every time I thought I had things figured out, the story took an unexpected turn. Young also is somehow able to bring something new to the ‘werewolf’ table – she connects them to Greek Mythology. This places a fun spin onto the traditional take of werewolves and allows for some surprises to take place.

I am eager to dive into the sequel, River Cast to see what becomes of my new favorite lykans. If you are looking for an exciting fantasy read that will keep you on your toes, then give Moon Spell a try!

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