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Behind the Curtain by Peter Abrahams
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Jun 09, 2015

did not like it
bookshelves: thrown-with-great-force, i-hate-spunk, bland-protagonist, library-challenge, reluctant-reader
Read in March, 2011

There is technically nothing wrong with Peter Abrahams's writing. The thing is, though, the tension hinges on how much you care about the heroine, Ingrid. And I can't stand her.
I've read the first volume of this series, and I remember disliking it, though the only reason I remember why was the "kill or be killed" message. When an author sets up the universe to work a certain way, then of course, the girl has no choice but to kill her pursuer. This time around, I think I have an idea of the other reasons.
First: our leading lady, Ingrid. Her only traits are that she loves Sherlock Holmes, and she's a chronic liar. Oh, and she's a moron, but I don't think Mr. Abrahams intended that. Why do I say this? Maybe it's because the plot is rather transparent in this one, but I could see the twist from a third of the way in--and most of the time I'm awful at predicting mystery plots. And Ingrid was oblivious, even though the clue was in her own house, right in front of her. The fact that everyone Ingrid likes is good, and everyone mean to her is evil doesn't help. There's a bit involving her getting caught doing something that looks a lot like planting evidence where this book nearly hit the wall. She is insanely forgetful--if you'd seen an orderly and a man you already suspect of drug dealing messing around with bottles of pills in a closet of the hospital, it might stick in your mind!--and doesn't do anything to deal with this problem, as a serious detective would probably do.
Mr. Abrahams has this idea, throughout his novels, that you can't trust anyone. Grampy, our cranky, violent, paranoid old wisdom-dispenser says this all the time, and Ingrid listens. I hate sneaks, and especially little-kid sneaks whose parents exist only as obstacles. Pretty much all Ingrid does here is be in a play--for the SYMBOLISM!!1--and sneak. When she sneaks, she has no allies to fall back on, and no one to help her when her stupidity does her in.
The only reason I finished this book is because I'm doing a self-set library challenge. In between reading classic books like Lord of the Flies or Machiavelli, I will read all the books in the Teen "A" section. So far, all it's done is made those other books a breath of fresh air.
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message 1: by Pamela (new) - added it

Pamela Wouldn't you already know Nigel was a dog by reading the first book?

Michelle Long gap between reading the first book and this one.

Nicole I think that down the rabbit hole was a lot better then behind the curtain and into the dark

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