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Zen and the Art of Vampires by Katie MacAlister
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Mar 08, 2011

really liked it
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Read on March 07, 2011

Zen And The Art of Vampires is a fantastic paranormal cozy mystery with a dash of romance to enhance the flavor. Yumm!! Katie is at her best here again and can't wait to read the next book.
Pia Thompson is on a man hunting vacation. She is taking a singles' tour through Europe in hope of finding someone who will spark her fires. She not's the usual skinny pretty woman that any man would drool over but instead is a plain jane and has some meat on her bones. At least there is enough of her for a man to grab a hold of and at least hang onto. She has a bit of bad luck and it seems to cling like a bad smell.

Pia is hoping for at least a one night stand with a handsome man but she gets more that what she has bargained for. Handsome men in Europe especially the tall dark and mysterious kind can get you into more trouble than trying to rob a bank. She soon spots two delectable mouthwatering specimens and her friend dares her to go up to them. She takes the dare and soon ends up on the ride of her life and in more trouble than a murderer. Trying to clear her name and get back somewhat of a normal life proves harder than she ever thought.

We end up going on a wonderfully funny trip through a small European community with vampires, ghosts, a fanatical religious group while trying to solve a murder. This book so reminded me of the game Clue and with all of it's who-done-its. A true delight for the paranormal lover and any cozy mystery lover. This story fits into the romance category also with it's mouthwatering, delicious male vampires that are sure to make you wish you were in Pia's shoes. The author has given us everything in one tidy delicious story that will make you want to come back for more.

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