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Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess
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Mar 07, 2011

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** Wanted to like this, but found it way too unbelievable. So a girl has been molested/raped by her father. Turns out he had molested a bunch of other kids (boys and girls). She testifies against him, and he's sent to jail for 9 years but gets out in 3.

Her mom bases her entire self-worth upon the approval of her dad and is super duper psyched that Darling Diddler Daddy is coming home from prison. Yay! Wonders why the girl can't just forgive and forget. Wants daddy to move back in with them, but according to court order, he's not allowed to be alone with daughter. Instead, he moves to another unit in their condo complex. Girl realizes she's not safe and will have to protect herself, along with the help of her neighbors, the cop who busted her dad 3 years ago and her boyfriend and his mom, who just happen to be one of her dad's victims. (Unlike her own mom, this mom has made it her life's mission to seek vengeance on the man who molested her child.) The cop sets up a plan in which the girl will use herself as bait and record it so that her dad gets sent away once and for all.

I am sure that there are plenty of victims of molestation who remain vulnerable to their attackers, but I just couldn't buy that:
a) this particular girl would be that helpless. She has resources. Her grandmother is mayor of the town and hates her father. Why didn't she fight for custody before he was released? Why doesn't she suggest that the daughter live at her house before her dad gets out of jail?
b) the cop would suggest that the girl use herself as bait like this.
c) the final confrontation would go down the way it did.
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Gaytha YES. I couldn't get past the absurdity of it all. The mayor's daughter's child molesting husband gets to move back in the complex where not one, but TWO of his victims live, including the daughter he raped repeatedly? I'm not buying it.

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