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Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh
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May 28, 11

it was amazing

I read this book Friday. Now it's Monday and I'm still an incoherent schmuck. I have been wrecked, y'all.
I want to read more books about Hawke and Sienna. I feel like their story could go on and on and never get old or boring. It makes me wish they had their own series like Elena and Raphael do in the Guild Hunter series :P

For all who worried about Sienna's character in this one, let me assure you, she rocks. She is strong, stubborn, feisty, wise, intelligent, fiercely loyal and she loves with every fiber of her being. Few of the previous heroines in this series have had to accept the facts that Sienna does with such grace and strength in this one. I loved her.

Hawke is so passionate, possessive, tender and fierce. He was breathtaking.

Fans of this series will not be disappointed.

Full review to be posted on my blog closer to release date.
ETA: Review is now up at my blog
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QueenB Totally!!!!!!!

message 3: by Jen (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jen Well crap. Another ARC person. I am soooo jealous.

QueenB It is worth the wait. I keep petting it. It is my precious. LOL

Saly Congrats on reading it this early only 3 months more to go :)

QueenB Now, I just have to stop re-reading it. Self control, I don't have it. :P

message 7: by Ruby (new) - added it

Ruby So. Jealous. You have any...quotes you would be so kind to give us?!?

QueenB LOL. I don't want to be too spoilery and I'm a spoiler whore so I have a hard time telling what other people would consider to spoilery. I'll go look through my copy and see what I can come up with ::evil grin::

message 9: by Ruby (new) - added it



Can't you...ahem...message something spoilery?? For those of us who ARE DYING FROM lack of KOS?? Out of the kindness of your arc---i mean heart...XD

QueenB A little excerpt for those who are asking:
He lifted his hand to run a strand of her hair through his fingers.

Fighting every cell in her body, she stepped back. "Stop it. No touching. No acting possessive."

Hawke's wolf prowled to the surface, a primal presence behind the human skin. "Oh?"

"All or nothing." She held her ground though she was shaking inside, her blood going alternately hot and cold. "If you want me, take me. Or let me go."

message 11: by Ruby (new) - added it

Ruby You ARE AWESOMESAUCE. TOTAL awesomesauce!

message 12: by KTL (new)

KTL Yes, you are awesome!

Keenylee You are so lucky and that excerpt is so hot.....Cant wait for the book to come out.Was worried it would not live up to my expectations .Thanks for the that.

Stephaney Wow! thanks! great scene.

message 15: by Ying (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ying M. Thank for yr review, i count down to read......

Thebookfinder-reviews goodreads can I read this book without reading all the series and not be totaly lost?? pls reply!!!

QueenB Dani wrote: "can I read this book without reading all the series and not be totaly lost?? pls reply!!!"

I don't know, honestly. I think you kinda need to read the first few to really get what's going on and the feel of the characters. I will admit that I didn't read the 2 before this one and I was fine, but I'd read all the others.

The romance will still be sweet and the story is good on its own, but you'll be missing a lot.

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