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Black Heart Loa by Adrian Phoenix
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Black Heart Loa picks up immediately after Black Dust Mambo. Kallie is on the search for her cousin, Jackson, who has been kidnapped. It is up to her to find out by who and why. She has a feeling it is connected to Doctor Heron, but there is a lot more going on than anyone knows. While being robbed by two idiot robbers named Cash and Kerry, they find out that Jackson is in bigger trouble than they thought and they are running out of time. The hoodoos quickly try a spell to help get rid of the robbers. But it backfires, as a matter of fact, all magic is backfiring and it is because of Kallie. Magic backfiring wouldn’t be so bad if not for the magic holding hurricanes at bay might be the reason one is set to destroy Louisiana and it all might be because of Kallie’s loa.

Now everyone knows of my love for Black Dust Mambo. I am such a huge fan of Adrian Phoenix, so I had very high expectations for Black Heart Loa. And well, my expectations were met and more. All my favorite characters were back and we have a few new ones I am very interested in. We get a backstory of Jackson’s past that had me In tears and find out Jackson is way more than just a pirating human.

This book was full of action. So much is going on, it is impossible to be bored with this. Kallie and Belladonna (the world’s greatest best friend, by the way) are trying to find Jackson who has had a spell put on him to turn him into a zombie. Kallie is battling with a badass hoodoo spirit named Baron who has accidentally taken over Cash body, but Kallie’s loa might be more powerful than the Baron himself. Layne (and Augustine) are fighting to get rid of an unwanted to spirit trying to overtake them. Kallie needs to figure out why the loa was put in her body and where her mother stashed her soul and now Kallie is being chased down by a sexy demon wolf who may want to kill her or sleep with her. Phew!

What is so great about this series is that there is so much to grab you. Phoenix talent for storytelling is incredibly rich. And with all I just mentioned, that is just the surface. There was one chapter in this book where we meet a new woman who has her eyes set on Kallie and her family. We don’t know what her agenda is or why she wants her, but I know this will only get juicier.

The characters, of course, are too fantastic! Layne is out to get vengeance for his best friend Gage, who died at the beginning of Black Dust Mambo. He gets knocked out and was unconscious for a lot of the book. But when he wakes up, he was as charming as ever. We get a little of Dallas as well. He is still in the hospital and not even having his throat slit in half stops him from being a perv. Kallie is such an amazing heroine; she does everything she can to save her friends and family. Doesn’t wait for others to take up the slack. I love that. But my favorite is Belladonna. This book can get intense, but even in scary moments, Belladonna will put a smile on your face. Like I said, she is the greatest best friend ever. If you were in trouble, she would be the best person to have by your side. The chemistry between these characters is just brilliant. They are so well-balanced especially between Kallie and Belladonna.

You must, MUST, start this series. It will never let up and puts you through the ringer. We get quite a few surprises that I didn’t see coming. And we finally get a sex scene between Kallie and Layne (which lasted several hours). But the love story still isn’t quite 100% between them. Given what they have gone through, I understand, but I love the simmer. I can’t wait until the connection gets deeper because it is there. Like I said, you won’t get bored with this and you will be on the edge of your seat from page 1. Definitely on my top list for this year. Thank you again Ms. Phoenix.
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