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Yankee's Lady by Kay McMahon
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Mar 07, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: american-civil-war, just-ok, annoying-heroine, not-a-keeper, skim-read, spoilers
Read from November 21 to 27, 2011

Fairly standard civil war romance fare but one which unfortunately is just kind of dull.

Beautiful Heroine Rachel Montgomery lives in big plantation run by her weak willed papa who hates her ( for a really nonsensical reason) and is menaced by Ansel the cruel over seer who lusts after her and wants her as his wife.

One of the lads from a nearby plantation deserts and is wounded. Rachel hides him in the cellar and sends information on to the confederate army about General Grant's movements.

The union army turn up and Major Damien Sheffield installs himself in the house. He finds Rachel and Danny within 24 hours and they embark on the standard routine - I hate you, you damned Yankee! / My, aren't you handsome!

Having declared that she is engaged to Danny, she and Sheffield then get drunk and one thing leads to another...

No body has any qualms or fears the next morning and there is no offer of marriage. The thought of pregnancy does not occur to her once and nor is she remotely worried about her loss of virtue.

Anyway, creepy Ansel disposes of Danny by way of poisoning and the heroine of course blames Damien.

She tries to run away after the funeral but is caught by the h in the middle of a storm. They take shelter and naturally have to strip so as to dry their clothes. They can't control themselves and One thing leads to another...
Again no fear of consequences.

They return to the plantation and in her annoying fashion, Rachel then deliberately listens to plans for the union army so that she can single handedly foiled same - only to get caught - and so is confined to her room.

Daddy's old love, Mrs Temple and her silly daughter arrive to stay. Lenore gets involved with Ansel and he later kills her when he discovers her pregnancy.

The h takes Rachel with him to war for a period ( because she knows secrets and can't be trusted to be left behind). They share a tent and yes, you've guessed it, one thing leads to another...


Eventually Rachel returns and then discovers that her father has sold the plantation to Ansel, making no provision for her welfare. Ansel then tries to rape her. She knocks him out and flees to Vicksburg.

She ends up working in the hospital and comes back into contact with the Major.

It turns out that she is pregnant but again this doesn't seem to phase her too much and nor does she feel compelled to tell him.


Ansel kidnaps her, Damien rides to the rescue and kills Ansel.

They finally get married.

I can't say I really cared.

No societal norms.

Heroine is determined in her stupid/annoying actions.

She hates him. She loves him. She won't tell him etc.

I just didn't believe in the central romance and the book never really caught my attention.

I was bored by page 150 and just skim read to the end (520 pages)


Not a keeper.

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