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The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer
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Mar 06, 2011

it was ok
Read in March, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I kept thinking the story would resolve about

a) why did he marry her? why did he decide to get married, and it had to be to any of the Winwoods?
b) why is the husband an endless ATM, since apparently getting married he has to buy the new brother-in-law a commission, pay off the other brother-in-law's debts, and pay for the bride's gambling and conspicuous consumption (emerald shoes and diamond heels...uh, who is going to see that?) and keep fishing her out of trouble? Even worse yet, for all these costs, and she isn't uh, intimate with him anyways since he's twice her age, what was his motive for being married again? To provoke the ex-mistress?
c) why does she stammer? and I thought at some point the plot would say "because this emotional thing was resolved, suddenly her stammer is gone".

None of the above are resolved, if you are hoping for answers to these too.

On the upside, the husband has to be the most fantastically unbelievable husband, so obviously he does not exist in real life and such a person only exists in books.
1. he has a bottomless wallet (I mean, it's endless...the handouts)
2. he's dashing, handsome, and kind and has a lot of self-control, yet has a wry humour about everything
3. he let's his wife have free rein (go shopping! go out!) but fishes her out of trouble (prevents her from scandal)
4. he defends his wife's honour (wotta husband!) and protects her
5. he tolerates her family members (the less than wonderful ones...)

I can't believe I read this and it's a romance novel. It's clean, but I'm feeling a little disgusted anyways from how perfect he is.

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