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Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson
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Mar 07, 11

it was amazing
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Read from March 05 to 07, 2011

I completed this entire book in about 7 hours, which is pretty rare for me. Typically, no matter how interested I am in what I'm reading or how much I like it, I can't keep my concentration on it for more than 1-2 hours. My mind inevitably starts to wander and I end up having to take a break from reading. But I didn't have that problem with this book.

I've been a fan of Star Trek since before I lost all my baby teeth, though, admittedly, I'm not quite as well versed in The Original Series (TOS) as I am in the later series, so some of the references to TOS flew over my head. Still, anyone who is a Trekkie, has known a Trekkie, or has ever been to any kind of sci-fi/comic book/anime/general-nerdiness convention will likely find something familiar and/or endearing in this book. And if not, there's plenty of zombie action! haha

At times funny, scary, thrilling, sweet, nerdy...I really, really enjoyed this book!!


March 5, 2011:
I'm only on the prologue and I already think I'm going to LOVE this book!

I correctly predicted the winner for Best Picture (The King's Speech) at the Oscars (Academy Awards?), so Books-A-Million gave me $5 off a purchase of $25+ :D. I usually only shop the clearance books there, because I'm cheep lol, but I wanted to use my winnings! I spent about 40 minutes roaming around trying to find something, anything, to buy and was about to give up when I spotted this book! A friend (Christy Leigh Stewart) recommended it to me a while ago, knowing I'm a total Trekkie, so I thought I'd give it a go...

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Reading Progress

03/05/2011 page 11
4.0% ""I'd rather have no hair than Janeway hair. *First season* Janeway hair." - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"
03/07/2011 page 29
11.0% ""Unconscious"? Uhh, isn't it your SUBconscious??"
03/07/2011 page 33
13.0% "With as many times as it's been mentioned already, August in Houston must be as bad as August in Florida (i.e. MISERABLE)."
03/07/2011 page 39
15.0% ""The humidity was stifling. He immediately started to sweat." -- Yep, sounds like Florida lol"
03/07/2011 page 41
16.0% "lol That sounds like it could almost top the spectacle that is the Pikachu car."
03/07/2011 page 53
21.0% "That would be absolutely terrifying! Handcuffed to a bed, unable to get away, with some unknown scary thing looming in the hallway."
03/07/2011 page 63
25.0% "I prefer "Trekkie". Always have. It rolls off the tongue better. And I never really got why/how it became something "negative" in the first place. I say it's high time we reclaim the word as something positive!"
03/07/2011 page 69
27.0% "I...Wh...What?! AN EYE?!?!"
03/07/2011 page 85
34.0% "No, Janice! Don't do it!!"
03/07/2011 page 109
43.0% ""We've decided to go ahead & call them zombies." -- YES! It's a major pet peeve of mine when people in zombie movies/TV shows call the zombies anything BUT "zombie". I'm always so happy when characters actually get to use "the Z word"."
03/07/2011 page 110
43.0% ""...implying the Internet was dead might do him in." -- It'd certainly bum me out, zombie apocalypse or not. A world with out the Internet? Zombies, take me now!"
03/07/2011 page 122
48.0% ""I don't know men's sizes. Something meduim-ish." / "You mean like a 7 or 8?" / "A man's size ten." / "Seriously?" -- Ung the plight of women with a shoe size above the average norm. I feel ya sister!!"
03/07/2011 page 130
51.0% "Hmmmm, alien invasion by way of zombie apocalypse? Well, that's different."
03/07/2011 page 140
55.0% ""There's something wrong with [Matt]. He's worse than crazy. He has...a connection...There's a network." -- Oooh government conspiracy? ...*Alien* conspiracy??"
03/07/2011 page 164
65.0% "The zombies are like the Borg!! Only maybe a bit more stupid haha."
03/07/2011 page 165
65.0% ""If this were a Star Trek episode, we'd totally be going to a commercial break right now." - LOL!"
03/07/2011 page 175
03/07/2011 page 182
72.0% ""Dr. Who-ha" LMAO!"
03/07/2011 page 188
03/07/2011 page 190
75.0% ""Damn, I didn't realize Trekkies were a national security threat." -- XD"
03/07/2011 page 209
83.0% ""Kenny Dyes" wow, that's unfortunate... And makes me think of South Park. "Oh my god! They killed Kenny!" / "You bastards!""
03/07/2011 page 211
83.0% "How can it be 5 mins to 4AM when 11 pages back Jim said it was already 4:30AM??? Is it a typo??"
03/07/2011 page 219
87.0% "Nooooo!! Not Martock! :("
03/07/2011 page 220
87.0% "WHEW! He's ok. Close call."
03/07/2011 page 226
89.0% " she dead?"
03/07/2011 page 226
89.0% "Nooooo!!! Not Gary!! & this time it's for realz, yo :("
03/07/2011 page 227
90.0% ";_; This time Martock wasn't so lucky."
03/07/2011 page 230
91.0% "Dude's like a freaking Goa'uld!"
03/07/2011 page 241
95.0% "Dun. Dun. Dunnnnn."
03/07/2011 page 242
96.0% "Correction: ALIEN INVASION CONSPIRACY! By way of government scientist!"
03/07/2011 page 252
100.0% "YAY! It worked...Or did it? Dun dun dun. XD"

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