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Conspiracies by F. Paul Wilson
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Feb 12, 08

it was amazing
bookshelves: horror
Read in January, 2006

Oh my! This book was SO good, and I had so much fun reading it! Best of all, it ties together every one of the previous novels while adding new elements to the Adversary Cycle. And parts of it are funny, especially all the crazy conspiracy theories at the crazy conspiracy groups' convention.

Don't miss this one, but DO NOT read until you have read all of these (in this order): The Keep/The Tomb/The Touch/Legacies/Reborn. If you don't, you will be scratching your head going, "huh?" I'm going to be so sad when this all ends, I can tell you. One of the best horror/sci-fi/x-filish type series I've ever read. I was tied in knots there at the end wondering if our hero would be back, and then I had only to look over at my shelf at the unread Repairman Jack books to know "oh duh, yeah, he'll be back." And I cannot wait. I see many hours of reading ahead of me.

a brief look:
Melanie Ehler, a conspiracy theory high mucky muck in that world has gone missing. But her husband gets in touch with Repairman Jack, and says that Melanie talked to him through the television and told him to contact Repairman Jack, because he'd know what to do. Jack thinks this guy's a crackpot, but he's intrigued. Her husband, Lew, tells him that he might find out some info at an upcoming convention of SESOUP, The Society for the Exposure of Secret Organizations and Unacknowledged Phenomena. It's members only, but Jack makes up a kooky story that gets him in. And there are conspiracy theorists of every brand, flavor, name it. These parts are hysterical as you read about what each person believes...and Melanie believed that all of this unexplained/unacknowledged phenomena was related in some kind of grand unification -- and actually came up with a theory called the Grand Unification Theory before she left. So Jack stays in the hotel where the convention is being held and weird stuff starts happening, none the least of which are a monkey that hates him, a floating box that arrives in his room during the night, bizarre nightmares and a body that is there then disappears.

If you read all of the other books first, then none of this is actually going to seem strange, because you'll be expecting it based on what you've read. This one is really great and I highly recommend it to all Repairman Jack fans. Go get the other books and get started on them so you can read this one!

one interesting tidbit: On page 209 there is a mention of the Cthulhu cult as Jack is questioning a fellow conspiracy nut on why he's there at the convention (what his personal theory is).
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