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Liar's Moon by Elizabeth C. Bunce
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Jun 26, 2012

really liked it
Read from December 29, 2011 to January 02, 2012

Did you know the publisher hasn't picked up the third book in this series? Please help out and petition the publisher to have the last book in the trilogy published!


Boy I’m so happy this sequel didn’t disappoint me like so many others have. At first I was mighty concerned and pretty bored because the first 100 pages of this book were so dull and lifeless. That whole information dropping thing that occurred in the first book was happening in abundance in here and I was really annoyed but thankfully that all went away once I passed the 100 page mark.

The whole mystery plot of this book is really fun with lots of twists and turns and fun action scenes! I loved how Digger was so determined to figure things out and kept searching even though there were lots of close shaves and a price on her head. It helps that the worldbuilding was just as great in this one because we get to see the small, finer details such as class, politics, and other issues that provoke or set off a country/nation into war.

The romance was fun too. It was a slow tread of figuring out where the other person’s alliances lie, if their trustworthy or not, and getting to know each other a lot better. This also included their flaws and weaknesses. There was some fun kissing scenes and some yummy moments between the two but I was sort of sad that some of the major players in the first book were absent. I really missed the prince. I wish he could have been a love interest too because he could have been a very interesting major character.

The ending was an awesome, fast-paced rush but oh man. THAT CLIFFHANGER. I want to BEAT SOMETHING. Now I have to wait forever for the next book! Ah! Why do authors do this to us? WHY?!
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0.0% "So, the intro page was called "Keep Your Head Down" and the only thing I thought of was: and:" 2 comments
12/30 page 32
8.0% "Whoa, I totally don't remember what happened in the last book. O_o."
01/01 page 100
25.0% "This is kinda boring and uninteresting. =(. The thing that irked me in the first book - everyone just drops all their information when asked - is back in abundance in this one. =/. I heard it gets better though."
01/02 page 202
51.0% "Oooh, this is getting a lot more fun. More action and stuff is actually happening! I see the romance brewing..."
01/02 page 307
77.0% "Oh my. I feel so conflicted." 3 comments
01/02 page 400
100.0% "*screams* omg, that cliffhanger, that ending! Are you serious!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" 1 comment
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message 1: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza Does it end on a cliffie?

Krystle YES. OMFG! Well, the main story is all wrapped up and stuff but then WHAZZAM out of nowhere something pops up and you're all MOTHA EFFING AKLJSDSOIDU)#@$*)($*#)#($*#@.

message 3: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza Pwahaha. TVXQ? Did you see JYJ's response to that? Drama <3. And ugh. What the hell? I hate cliffs! And there is no delicious king, I hear. It's all about the dude who was entirely missing in the first book.

Krystle I MISS THE PRINCE. =(. But the book is good. LoL. And wut? I never see it! DO EXPLAIN!

message 5: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza The guy who stayed behind while everyone else continued on to the castle with the hidden prince. Isn't he the main love interest in the second novel?

Krystle Oh, yes I know that part but I was commenting on the JYJ thing. LoL.

message 7: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza OH! Haha. In their song "Get Out." Watch the music video, there's this one part where they have the exact move only it's "keep your head up" Haha!

message 8: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza Watch at 3:45 and on.

Krystle OMG! I never noticed that. LOLOLOL. Amazing. AHahaha.

message 10: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza Hahaha. I wonder if they did it on purpose.

Kelly I really liked this book too!

Krystle Me too! And the release date for the third book is nowhere in sight! UGH!!!!!

Terri That link is invalid. I want to sign it and send to all my friends so they can sign too. I NEED the third book to come out.

Krystle Thanks for letting me know! I'll update it all!

message 15: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza I love that people are signing the petition!

Krystle Nafiza wrote: "I love that people are signing the petition!"

Me too! I'm thinking when it gets to larger numbers I can e-mail it to the publisher and just beggggggg them to pick up the third book.

message 17: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza Yeah, I emailed the author about the petition. Hopefully she can direct her fans to sign it.

message 18: by Jess (new)

Jess Man, I really need to read these books. They look like exactly the sort of thing I like. But they're not so easily available here in crummy old Australia. >.>

message 19: by Glaiza (new)

Glaiza I second the lack of availability here. I'm waiting for the paperback of the first book to become available on book depository.

Jordan I'm right there with you on Krystle.

Krystle Jordan wrote: "I'm right there with you on Krystle."

Thanks! I really wish she'd get the last book published. I love this series. It's such a travesty. Ugh.

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