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Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot
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May 02, 11

really liked it
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Read from March 04 to 05, 2011

I don't think I'll be able to marry, attend a wedding, or listen to Taylor Swift's
'Speak Now', ever again without thinking of this book.

This book was fairly fantastic, like all by Meg,
what I loooooooove the most about her books is that the characters are always SO real,
like they could easily be you, or someone you know,
and this book's heroine, Lizzie, is pretty much every woman I've known,

Yeah, you might not admitt it, but we all have a Lizzie Nichols inside,
a girl that feels like she is not cute, funny, smart, or skinny enough to triumph in this world,
who is scared she might never find her prince charming,
and scared she might not make it to pay next month's rent.

I love Lizzie, although sometimes I want to shake her, because she just won't see
that she's going the wrong way (or guy) and I KNOW that she's going with the wrong guy (Meg, pleeeeeease make her realize that!)

Okay so, this book takes you in A WHOLE DIFFERENT DIRECTION that I didn't see coming,
if you thought you've figured all the story out in book 1,
get ready cause book 2 is full of surprices! I loooooooooved that,
I mean just read book 1 and then this one and tell me, how could someone have ever expected that?!?!
'cause usually in a book you never get to see what really happens after the girl has found prince (literally)
charming(?). Not everything is what's cracked up to be.

And Lizzie is just so dazzled by her sudden streak of good luck,
that she doesn't stop to think she might be doing something wrong.
I think this has happen to all of us, you find someone 'so good' you try to
be who you think is good enough to be with him that you stop being yourself.

But she's always herself with this other guy...
I don't want to spoil but MAN! IS THIS GUY WAY BETTER THAN THE OTHER,

And the other guy is half french, an excellent cook, has greek-god's looks and oh! he's also a prince.
That's how awesome he is.

I mean seriously?!?!?! you just go on and read him, and tell me
how am I supposed to go on my life knowing such men exists only in books? ):

I'm afraid that's everything I got,
I'm rushing right now so I can start the third book...
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