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Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan
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Mar 04, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: favorites, fantasy

I think the series peaked here, and that's because I was a fan of Demandred throughout the series, and he was a star in this book (if you think he was Taim). I even overlooked some of the strange romances and changing alliances okay through this 6th book in the series, primarily holding out hope that some of the huge mysteries would be answered. Like, who killed Asmodean, where Moraine was, what was up w/ Verin, why that witch Egwaine would have a problem with Rand, etc etc etc.

I suppose if the next two books in the series (which I rated very low) had done more than start posing even MORE questions, I would have read #9 Winter's Heart (which I received as a gift and barely cracked open). Unfortunately, I can't honestly say I even read #s 7 and 8 — I SKIMMED them. Realized I didn't know half the names I was skimming, and that RJ was just cashing in on his cow. Grew disgusted with the series and threatened to RETURN any further such "gifts".

But I rate Lord of Chaos high and a favorite because, for me, it was the peak of the series, and though I was left wanting, I was left wanting, edge-of-my-seat excited for the next book. The journey counts : bks 1-6 were a wild, page-turning, mystery-filled ride.

I'd recommend the series THROUGH BOOK SIX to most readers, with the warning that the author died probably before even figuring out how to tie up the myriad loose ends, and most certainly before penning the text himself. But it was a good "what could have been" series. [If you stop at Bk. 6.]
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