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The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory
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Jun 12, 07

really liked it
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Read in January, 2007

I'd have to say that with The Constant Princess Gregory is finally back on her game it seems. This book finally has caught up with her masterpiece that was The Other Boleyn Girl. I think it's because of our main heroines in each story and the way Gregory relates to them.

I've read that both Mary Boleyn and Katherine of Aragon fascinated her, and it seems that she'll put a lot more into writing about the women that have caught her interest. It reflects in her writing. Her other books that take place in this same time period have something missing that is held within both these books. I don't quite know what it is though.

As usual, Gregory's writing is beautiful and transports you back to late 15th early 16th century England. I think this was the book I was waiting for because it really starts at the beginning of Henry VIII's reign, even before that and we can see where it all starts. Had she come out with this book first, there would have been possibly been a little less confusion while reading the other books.

Katherine is a very unique character in her attitude, ideals, and principles. Her relationships with both Henry and Arthur are unique and endearing in their own ways. And while you're constantly rooting for Arthur while reading the novel, you can't help but actually like Henry a little bit. Probably the only book of Gregory's you actually will.

There was less cattiness in this court and the characters were a little easier to keep track of, possibly because we weren't being forced to meet every single one. I really liked this in comparison to her other books in it's simpleness. I think this novel was a lot more simple and instead of it making her writing seem weaker I think it added a lot more power to it.

If you've enjoyed Gregory's books treat yourself and pick this one up. Try and read it before The Boleyn Inheritance, I read it after the fact and realized that if I read this one first it may have helped me understand the whole Plantagenet royal bloodline thing a little better. Though that's the only reason you might want to read that one first.
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Lor omg, i already read the boleyn inheritance. and you're right it didnt had the same impact of greatness as of the other boleyn girl book. i'll surely get a copy of the constant princess. i like katherine of aragon's personality & character in the other boleyn girl book. thanks! =)

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