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Death by Bikini by Linda Gerber
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Jun 30, 11

bookshelves: mystery, hot-male-characters
Read from June 24 to 30, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This is another book that I decided to reread so I could finish the series. When I read it the second time, I wasn't as impressed when I had read it the first time. I felt like the story line was a litttttle bit predictable. A lot of people might not think the same thing.

Aphra lives on a secret island with her father who owns a resort there. Movies stars recovering from rehab, rich people, etc, vacation there. A botanist and a rich couple are the only guests that are introduced. Then the Smiths come to stay. Immediately, Aphra wonders who they are and refers to them as the Imposters. Her dad mysteriously doesn't keep any records of them even being there. Aphra buddies up to the teenage boy of the Smiths, Adam, and Adam accidently drops hints that he's not who he says he is. Then the girl of the rich couple mysteriously shows up dead on the beach with her bikini strings tied around her neck (Now, was it just me, or did I miss something? I couldn't figure out what her death had to do with it..). Afterwards, Aphra looks up Adam Smith on the internet and then looks up the place that Adam accidently said he was from. She found out that Adam's identity is fake and he is really Seth Mulo and someone is after the Mulo's. The article they found about them was an article stating that all the Mulo's had died in an accident. When Aphra confronts Seth, he accidently says, "How do you know?! Did Natalie tell you?!" And then she says, "How do you know my mom..?" (Aphra's mother left her 4 years prior). Well, all of a sudden someone named Watts comes to the resort and Aphra thinks he's the one after the Mulo's (Which automatically means, it's not really him. Which leaves the rich guy, Mick, but he's a drunk and has been at the resort a loooong time, so I never assumed him). GUESS WHO THAT LEAVES TO BE AFTER THE MULO'S?! The botanist. Seth explains to Aphra that his parents are apart of the CIA and someone named The Mole is after them. He also explains that Natalie, Aphra's mom, works for the CIA, also and The Mole escaped four years ago which led her on the move to find him. Which is the reason why she left Aphra. They eventually knocked out the botanist and Seth had to leave. Watts was Natalie's CIA partner (former, I think) and Mick is still a drunk rich guy. Before Mrs. Mulo left, she gave Aphra a secret note. The note contained where her mother is located. Seth gave Aphra his ring and kissed her before she left. As a cliff hanger, Aphra states that she is going to Seattle, where her mother lives.

This book was short and there were random blank pages just so the book could keep up with the fancy chapter titles. It was a little annoying. The writing wasn't too good and Gerber needs to start thinking up more describing words or else she's going to drive me crazy! The overall book was a good read and I need to finish the series because it isn't like me to not finish, so I'm off to Death By Latte.

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