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Case Histories by Kate Atkinson
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Mar 09, 11

did not like it
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Read in March, 2011

Post Listen Review: As predicted this novel was bleak and depressing and had a higher body count than a week worth of CSI reruns. First I will give you the body count, then I will tell you how to be happy and survive a Kate Atkinson book. For the body count keep in mind that I was only half listening since I found this boring as ever and almost too depressing to hear so it may not be complete.

1 missing kid
1 child’s finger severed
1 & ½ killed by knife (one victim survived)
1 morbidly obese man
1 murdered with an axe
2 dead of old age
1 dead baby
2 or more instances of abuse
Lost count of unwanted pregnancies/children
Lost count of unhappy marriages
1 fist fight
1 pistol whipping
1 dog dead of old age
2 murders plotted (albeit never in a really serious way, more of a I wish I could kill my ex-wife kind of way)
1 brake line cut
1 mention of a dog tossed out of a window of a moving car
1 house blown up
1 more murder
1 attempted suicide
1 killed and dumped in a canal
1 attempted rape

Real uplifting stuff. And unlike the David Baldacci books I had been listening to with high body counts, there was no real action to the violence, it just randomly occurred.

To be happy and survive in a Kate Atkinson book:
1 Don’t get married.
2 Don’t stay single.
3 Don’t be a woman.
4 Don’t be a man.
5 Don’t be a child.
6 Don’t be a pet of any kind.
7 Don’t have unplanned sex.
8 Don’t have planned sex.
9 Don’t work in an office.
10 Don’t work not in an office.
11 If you work at Chickin’ Lickin’ and are Australian you are more or less not killed by Kate Atkinson, otherwise watchout.

Pre-listen guess: If this book is anything like the other Kate Atkinson books I have heard, it is going to be 1. depressing and 2. have a higher body count of improbable but very possible deaths than Friday the 13th part five.

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message 1: by Blue (new) - rated it 1 star

Blue You forgot the dog hit by the car, but I forgot that it was originally thrown from a window, so that's fair. Also, there was a completed suicide, and a completed rape. But I completely understand why one loses count: the book is a ridiculous excursion into cardboard misery.

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