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Desperate Desires by Terri Wolffe
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Mar 29, 2016

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I like the cover to this, thought I'd point that out. I like that Lucinda's hair is a brilliant contrast to the sheets and her skin. The red hair is a fairly important attribute since its not an 'ordinary' color paired with her eyes in the story.

The synopsis is what caught my attention. It doesn't mention a few pertinent details (she's married), and some of what it talks about is glossed over in the novella itself (there's really no indication of her dislike or interest in the ton). Where the story really shined was in portraying the seductive dance that Lucien and Lucinda engage in. They're powerfully attracted to each other from the first, there's no doubt on that. Even while being abducted Lucien had control over how quickly lust hit him and Lucinda was oggling him quite a bit.

Wolffe draws out Lucinda's reasons and story, which frustrated me at times as much as it did Lucien. She'd let little tidbits fall, but other then vague indications of what was happening there was nothing until around the middle of the story. Truth be told the excuse Lucinda uses is rather flimsy and Lucien cuts through that logic pretty quickly. As far as plot device needed to keep them in bed as often as possible, it worked quite well, but logically it was ridiculously flawed.

I was also rather skeptical about several plot turns. Maybe I'm just too naive and innocent in the ways of the bedroom, but can you honestly go a couple days without remembering to eat or drink and do nothing but make love? And later Lucinda's husband seems to go from 'this is what I want' to 'jealous rage' (which is acceptable and understandable all things given) but then...the ending. Wolffe didn't show us, or even hint to us, how Lucien and the husband finally came to some arrangement. I can't be sure if she had a word count restraint or if she just felt the talk didn't need to be explained since it the evidence was shown, but it was confusing for me.

What I did really enjoy was the cast of secondary characters. From Lucinda's feisty servants to her husband and brother, they sparkled. I loved that Maddy was so outspoken and quick with her temper (and fists). Not that she was violent, persay, but very passionate and loyal to those she cared about. She cared little for rank--if you pissed off her protective instincts its a slap for you. The interactions between the characters were all warm and genuine feeling, you could feel the affection they all held for each other and for Lucinda.

And in truth it was nice to read a romance where there were no 'villains' persay. The only villains spoken of were Lucinda's in-laws, but they're given a broad stroke as 'greedy' and 'rotten'. Beyond the fact that they'd hurt Lucinda, we learn very little else.

I would recommend this if you are looking for a hot and satisfying read. Its quick and sensual and well worth the price given to it on the Kindle.
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