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Fair Game by Josh Lanyon
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Mar 03, 11

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bookshelves: m-m-romance
Read in December, 2010


This was the first novel-length story I read of Josh Lanyon. I have since really grown to love his writing. I haven't read whodunits in ages and am not really keen to return to the genre but Josh Lanyon's whodunits are now the happy exception.

I love the rekindling of the relationship between Eliot and Tucker, to read about them getting through their unresolved history and leaving the past behind. It really showed how everyone has their own truth and their own perspective on a situation. Elliot felt abandoned by Tucker in the past, but we find out that Elliot's attitude didn't leave much room for Tucker to stick around. I liked that I end up not choosing sides, but understanding both their actions and rooting for them to get past their differences.
Elliot being 'forced' to stay on at Tucker's after suffering an injury is my favourite part of the story. Tucker is very open and forward about what he wants and I love him for it. Also, Elliot is a bit hard-headed, he needs someone to spell it out for him. :)

I love that there is always a deep tenderness in Josh's love stories and that the main characters end up looking their reluctance or fear to surrender to the other in the eye.

The murder mystery is not one of Josh Lanyon's best in my opinion. It was very slow going before it became a bonafide case, which didn't get me really invested or intrigued as a reader. The reluctance of the police/FBI/Tucker to get involved in the case and take Elliot seriously annoyed me instead of making me side with Elliot, I wasn't entirely sure if Elliot wasn't wasting his time. It wondering for a while if anything was really going to come of it, and felt annoyance at times that Elliot was so hung up on the missing person situation, it didn't really grab me. Once it did pick up and murders were happening it became gripping. However, the reveal of who the killer was didn't do much for me. I simply didn't find him an interesting character or 'bad guy'.
This prevents me from giving it 4 stars (I'm picky, I only give 5 stars to the greats in literature.)

I've gone back to this story for rereads but with a focus on the Elliot/Tucker love story. I just loved the way it was written.


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