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Evernight by Claudia Gray
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Mar 03, 2011

really liked it
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Read from July 17 to 21, 2011

I had several doubts about this book. This is a reread and I had read this back when I believed that Twilight was like the bible. Evernight by Claudia Gray put me on an unexpected wild ride that surprisingly made me want to read more and move onto the next book.

At first, this book felt like a remake of Twilight, yet, it was far different. There were some holes in the plot line that I believed were quite noticeable throughout the book but, maybe I just need to read onto the next book and I'll get more answers. For now, I'll stick with what I have.

Bianca Olivier (Which I thought was Oliver until the last hundred pages, then everytime I tried to read her name, I spent forever sounding it out. . . .), wants to prove a point to her parents. She was just moved from a town she had lived in for 16 years, and now goes to Evernight Academy. It's scary, big, old fashioned and she feels weird and outcasted being there. Which is a common plot. Outcast, who's never kissed a guy before, with self esteem issues seems to be the common female role these days. Pity. Bianca runs away from the Academy the first day of school, early morning to protest against being there. She's hoping they'll finally see that she isn't happy. In the midst of running away, she randomly is tackled by a boy. He thinks she was running for someone and they had to take cover but she immeditatly lets him know she's making an escape. This boy just happens to be gorgeous and just happens to resemble Edward Cullen of the Twilight Saga. Irony that he was just randomly standing there while she just happened to run by? I am way too sarcastic.

Why is it that every guy in young adult books are beautiful and just seem 10x more powerful than the women? And it takes one beautiful guy, the "love" of the lead female's life to finally realize that she is beautiful? That may have been a little confusing but that's seriously what it takes to make them feel beautiful now? ALSO, why is it that they're always unexperianced? The girls, I mean. They're always the stupid ones. . . .

Back onto the summary, Bianca takes quite a liking to this boy, Lucas Ross. She looks for him after first day orientation but he just shuns her. She quickly finds out that he doesn't like that she hangs around the in-crowd and becomes a little protective. I found this all bizarre. Anyways, after about 100 something pages, Bianca is already in love with him. They have many arguments about stupid things that just seemed very high school and very annoying. Balthazar, the very sweet boy in her class, asks her to the Autumn Ball. He realizes that she has feelings for Lucas still, even after one of their spats. Lucas, again, just randomly shows up while Bianca and Balthazar are talking. Balthazar, the young gentlemen that he is, accepts the fact that Bianca will never be his and leaves Lucas and her alone. Bianca and Lucas are all buddy buddy and then BAM! She bites Lucas and finds out she just changed into a vampire. . . . Sorta.

There were no clues throughtout the book that she knew she was a vampire and her parents were. None of it was said. I figured she didn't know. but she did and accidently bit her boyfriend's neck. Niiiiice.

After the bite, Bianca has to lie to him and she does, saying he was hit with a crowbar. Soon after that, a boy Erich had been purposely making noises on Bianca's friend, Raquel's, roof. Bianca went to investigate. Erich was there and he said he had no intention of killing Raquel. Bianca knew that by biting into his bloodstream, she could tell his feelings. So she did, she bit his hand and then Erich fleed. Lucas, randomly appears again, out of no where, and realizes she's a vampire and that's where the real trouble begins.

But as you see, there are moments in the book where it's just like. . . . Really? you couldn't have thought of a better way for Lucas to be there than all this annoying irony?!

This book was good. It was a quick read with little action until the end. It kept my attention enough to move onto Stargazer, which means something. . . .
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